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What is ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button on Google? How to Use it?

Google has an iconic homepage that keeps all things plain and simple. You see a prolific Google Doodle in the center, a search box under it, and two buttons – one on the left reads ‘Google Search’ and the right-side button reads ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’. When you type a keyword in the search box and […]

12 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Christmas season is here, and so are holidays! It’s time to go for holiday shopping. No one expects soft toys, clothes or show pieces as a gift in the latest technology world. There are hundreds of gadgets available in the market. It can be a smart piece of headphones or the latest Apple watch. It […]

15 Trusted Sites to Watch Online Movies for Free

It may sound unreal but you can actually watch movies online without twitching your pocket. Yes, you don’t always have to subscribe to those online streaming services to enjoy your favorite movies. There are many websites where you can watch movies online for free including action, drama, love stories, thrillers, educational and even TV series. […]

9 Best Soundbars to Buy this Christmas: Better Sound Quality, Design and Features

Holidays are coming and it’s time for binge-watching. If you love to watch your favorite movies, shows or series on a big huge screen, but not happy with the awful sound, you probably need a perfect soundbar! A soundbar is an excellent substitute for the terrible inbuilt TV speakers. As televisions or home theatre systems […]

12 Best Sites for Christmas E-Cards 2018

Winter is coming and so is Christmas! It is a traditional culture and a way of showing love by sending Christmas greeting cards to your loved ones. Gone are the days where we used to send handwritten Christmas greetings to our families and friends. The world has become digital so why not our Christmas cards? […]

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How to Fix Most Common Windows 10 Problems?

A brand new Windows 10 computer isn’t necessarily free of errors. Even with the best system configurations and all components upgraded, a Windows 10 computer can become a headache to operate. With a Windows 10 PC, you may face several problems on a daily basis. From turning the computer on to shutting it down, these […]

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What is dwm.exe? Is It a Virus? Can You Disable It?

You might have come across dwm.exe while going through processes in the Task Manager on your computer and wondered what it is. The dwm.exe is a legitimate Windows process, and it stands for Desktop Window Manager. Dwm exe process composites the display of all application windows before it comes on your computer screen. In other words, it […]

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How to Setup HP Printer on Windows Computer?

So you’ve just bought an HP printer for your home or office and wondering how to install it on your computer? Not to worry, in this guide, we’ll be discussing the easy ways to unpack, print and scan with HP printer. HP is one of the popular computer brands, and market-wise, the second-most selling printers […]

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How to Download Songs from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a popular audio sharing application which allows its users to share, upload and even promote music. One of the most attractive features of SoundCloud is that you can download music straight to your music collection. It can be your favorite DJ’s mix or a song you want to listen on loop even when […]

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Where to Find the Downloaded Files on Computer?

Well! Losing track of the downloaded files in your web browser is a common thing. The location of your downloaded files varies depending on your browser. In most cases, your web browser saves your downloaded files in the Downloads folder in the User profile folder on your PC. You can download many things from the […]