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Video games are super-addictive. Thanks to computer video game websites such as Steam, we can purchase and download games instantly.

Steam offers several multiplayer games for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and other platforms.

At times, you feel the need to close your Steam account. You’ve played the downloaded video games thoroughly, and completed them till the last stages.

Similarly, you may lose interests in certain autonomous games. You want to know how to delete a Steam account and remove those games from your computer. Canceling Steam account is easy. There are multiple ways to do this.

3 Simple Ways to Deactivate Steam Account

Before you decide to cancel Steam account, you must know that the uninstalled games and saved gaming data cannot be retrieved later. There’s no backup for a deactivated Steam account.

Your reasons for uninstalling Steam account can be subjective.

You may consider reducing your engagement to addictive games. You may also feel like the video games are exhausting your computer’s performance.

Either way, you can cancel your Steam account by following these three options.

Option #1

To deactivate Steam account, you must uninstall the application from your computer.

You can view the programs installed on your computer through Control Panel (for Windows) or System Preferences (for Mac OS).

  •    Select ‘Steam’ from the programs list
  •    Click on the program, and select the link to ‘Change/Remove’ the program
  •    Choose the automatic option and click ‘Next
  •    Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the uninstalling process

Now, you’ve effectively canceled the Steam application. This way, the company – Valve Corporation – deletes your online Steam account automatically.

Option #2

You can also take a protracted route to cancel your Steam account.

Start with deleting or removing the games from your online Steam account.

After the online Steam account has no games in its library, you can go to your computer and follow the above Option #1 for removing the ‘Steam’ program from your computer.

Option #3

Disregard is also a way but takes much time.

Refrain yourself from logging into the Steam account for a long time. The website automatically sorts out inactive accounts.

If you stop using the Steam account for more than a year, the account is likely to be canceled automatically.

If you prefer this option, ensure that there are no games on your Steam list.

Removing the games speeds up the canceling process for Steam. The company prefers deleting inactive accounts with no games quicker than the ones having one or more games into the site.

How to Permanently Delete Games from Steam Account?

If you are canceling your Steam account for having too many games, then we recommend you consider deleting or removing every game.

Instead of canceling the account altogether, you can manually remove each game. Follow these steps.

  • Visit the Steam support site
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Games, Software
  • Select the Game you want to delete/remove
    • Select the option – I want to remove this game from my account permanently

How to Permanently Delete Games from Steam Account?

Follow the prompts, and your Steam library permanently removes the game.

Steam also advises you to uninstall the game from Steam computer application before removing it from your online account.

You can manually delete the game from your hard drive by following steps similar to uninstalling a program from your computer. 

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