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State Farm is one of the most renowned and largest insurance and financial services all over the United States. The main business of State Farm is the Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

Other business includes banking and mutual funds like State Farm Life Insurance Company, State Farm Life and Accident Insurance Company and many more.

State Farm is serving more than 83 million policies throughout the States.

In this post, we’ll discuss State Farm and guide you to log in, sign up into State Farm and its troubleshooting tips.

How to Sign Up to State Farm?

You’ll have to sign up for creating a State Farm account. Let’s do it

  • Launch your browser and visit
  • Hit the Login button (to the top right corner)


How to Sign Up to State Farm?


  • Now, under the blue Log In icon, tap on Createanaccount
  • Enter your claim, creditcard number or insurance details in the respective fields
  • Now, enter your details- name, last name and your date of birth


How to Sign Up to State Farm?


  • Hit the blue Continue icon

Good Job! You’ve successfully signed up for State Farm account.

How to Log in to State Farm account?

Now that you’ve signed up for your State Farm account let’s see how to log in to it on your desktop, iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

To log in to your Desktop-

1)    Launch your browser and visit

2)    Hit the Log In icon (to the top right corner)

3)    Enter your User name and password

How to Log in to State Farm account?

4)    Now, hit the Sign In button

Tip- Check the Remember user ID box to keep your password saved in your computer.

To log in to your iPhone/iPad

You’ll have to download the State Farm app from the App Store. Now let’s log in

1)    Open the State Farm app and enter your user name and password

2)    Hit the login button

Done! You can now access through all the application features on your iPhone/iPad.

To log in to your Android

Download the State Farm app on your Android device from the GooglePlay Store.

1)    Open the application and enter your user ID and password

2)    Now, hit the LogIn button

You can now avail all the State Farm services available on the app.

How to Reset Your State Farm account password?

Have you forgotten your password or you want to change it for some privacy issue? You have to reset your password. Here’s how-

1)    Open your browser and visit (to the top right corner)

2)    Hit the login button (to the top right corner)

3)    Tap on Forgotpassword? (under the blue login button)

How to Reset Your State Farm account password?

4)    Enter your User Id and date of birth

5)    Hit the Submit button

They’ll now send you an email on your registered email ID to reset your password.

How to Fix State Farm Log in Issues?

You might face specific issues while logging in to your State Farm account. We’ve listed some of the standard login issues and their solutions.

  • Issues while Registering your Account

You might experience issues while registering your account. It might happen if you’ve entered wrong insurance or a claim number.

You might be confused between the policy number and the account number. Policy number has numbers, and letters and account number contains 10 digit numbers.

  • Having Trouble while Accessing Account

At times you might experience issues while accessing your State Farm account or application. Contact service customer if you are facing some major issue in your State Farm.

  • Forgot Your State Farm Password

You’ll have to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. Visit in your browser and hit the log in button.

Now, click on the Forgot user ID icon (under the Log in button). Enter your email address and hit the Submit button. You’ll receive an email to set your password.

State Farm Support Addresses

We have listed some of the support addresses so that you can resort to the technical support.

1. General State Farm Login:

 2. State Farm RPX Login:

 3. State Farm Insurance My Accounts Log In:

 4. State Farm Insurance Bill Pay Login:


That’s all! You can now easily access your State Farm account and enjoy its services and features.

State Farm is an extensive collection of insurance companies, and its primary motive is to help individuals in handling the risks of every day helping them to recover from unwanted events.

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