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It’s always good to have access to free streaming services such as Tubi TV. On platforms such as PlayStation and Roku, you can activate Tubi TV and watch free movies and TV shows.

So, let’s get familiar with the Tubi TV Activate process for your Roku player and PlayStation gaming consoles.

Tubi TV Activate on Roku – How to Setup & Register

Almost every other person is familiar with Roku as the popular digital media player. Roku TV or Roku, by itself, is a major source of free movies and TV shows.

Compared to Tubi TV, however, Roku can’t beat the free streaming service for its premium content. There’s one way to get the best from both – Roku and Tubi TV.

Activate Tubi TV on Roku Player

You can install Tubi TV as a channel on your Roku player console. It is a simple process where you add the streaming service on Roku and register to the Tubi TV account to watch popular movies and TV content for free.

Steps to Add Tubi TV Channel on Roku

To install Tubi TV on Roku,

  • Launch the Roku player on your smart TV
  • Go to the home screen
  • Browse the Roku menu
  • From the menu, select the sub-item ‘Streaming Channels Store

Steps to Add Tubi TV Channel on Roku

  • Go to Most Popular category

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  • Browse the sections for Movies & TV or Top Free
  • Here, you’ll find the Tubi TV channel
  • If you don’t find the channel, simply search “tubi” on the Roku Channel Store 

After finding the Tubi TV channel, select ‘Add channel’ and add this service to your Roku home page.

Register for Tubi TV Account on Roku

The ‘Tubi TV Activate on Roku’ process doesn’t end here. To watch free movies on Tubi TV, you need to register to Tubi TV account on Roku.

  • Go to the Roku home page
  • Select the Tubi TV app (channel)
  • Choose ‘Sign In’ if you have an existing Tubi TV user account
  • New users can select ‘Register for Free

Register for Tubi TV Account on Roku

  • Your Roku TV screen displays an activation code

To confirm the registration of your Tubi TV account on Roku,

  • Open a browser app on Roku
  • Enter the address “
  • Sign in and enter the Tubi TV activation code

If you are a new Tubi TV user, click on Register via Email or Register via Facebook on the Tubi TV Activate web page (

  • Fill out the fields
  • Click on Register
  • Check the box for “Keep me signed in
  • Enter the Activation Code

Your Roku TV automatically updates the activation process for Tubi TV channel. Now, you can enjoy the streaming service without any issue on your Roku media player.

How to Activate Tubi TV on PlayStation?

If you’re a hardcore gamer who spends hours on PlayStation consoles, streaming a free movie is something that may soothe you.

You can stream Tubi TV movies on a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console. Here’s how to activate Tubi TV on a PlayStation.

  • Turn on your PS4 or PS3 console
  • Go to PlayStation Store from the home screen
  • In the Store Menu, go to Movies & TV section
  • Here, select Apps and choose All Apps
  • Choose the Search option to find Tubi TV app
  • Click on Start under the Tubi TV app icon

Now, your PlayStation console installs the Tubi TV app. After the installation is complete,

  • Click on Tubi TV app from PlayStation Store
  • Select Sign In
  • Choose the ‘Register or Link Account’ option
  • PlayStation displays the activation code on your TV screen

How to Enter Tubi TV Activation Code on PS4

Note down the activation code (when displayed as above). Now, open your mobile device to activate the Tubi TV app on your PlayStation console.

  • Open a browser app
  • Log on to
  • Sign In to your Tubi TV account
  • Or, select ‘Register for Free’ if you don’t have a Tubi TV account

How to Enter Tubi TV Activation Code on PS4

  • Enter the activation code

Once the activation is successful, you can stream Tubi TV movies directly on your PlayStation.

Roku TV Activate Not Working? Here are some Troubleshooting Tips

The ‘Tubi TV activate’ process is fairly simple, but some users have faced issues. There are times when doesn’t work as usual.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to solve Tubi TV Activate issues on Roku and PlayStation.

  • Need to re-register Tubi TV account every time on Roku?

This has happened to me and many other users. After installing Tubi TV channel on Roku player, you need to register to the account.

And, when you click on Log Out or Sign Out (on top of your screen) to exit the channel, your account gets deactivated. Next time, I have to register to Tubi TV again, and this keeps on going every time I try to use Tubi TV on Roku.

To fix this, don’t click on Sign Out or Log Out button. Instead, use the arrow keys and console buttons to back out of the app. You can also use the Home button on your Roku remote to exit the Tubi TV channel.

  • Tubi TV Activation Code Issues for Roku

New users can sign up for a Tubi TVI account. Go to, click on Register via Facebook/Register via Email. Now, you can fill the fields and proceed to create a new Tubi TV user account. This solves the activation code issues.

Existing Tubi TV users can click on Sign In to enter the activation code on Roku.

  • Tubi TV Support Issues

As a free streaming service, Tubi TV offers complete support to PlayStation and several other devices. But, Tubi TV isn’t compatible with all models of Roku player.

If you want to add Tubi TV on your Roku player, it shouldn’t be a First Generation Roku model. Other variants of Roku TV and Roku players are compatible with Tubi TV.

  • Tubi TV goes missing on my PS3, PS4

After adding Tubi TV on your PlayStation as an app, you need to use it from time to time. If the Tubi TV app goes unused for a long time, it disappears from your PlayStation home screen.

To find Tubi TV app on PS3 and PS4,

  • Press the PS button your PlayStation console
  • Go to PlayStation Network
  • Scroll sideways and select PlayStation Store
  • Select Apps under Movie & TV section
  • Browse to locate Tubi TV App

If you can’t find Tubi TV app under Movies & TV section, go to TV & Videos category.

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