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We DO NOT endorse or support the content shared on PimpAndHost website. PimpAndHost website hosts and shares adult-based, potentially offensive content. Since there are a lot of people searching online about how to access the PimpAndHost website, we think the information in this article might help.

So what is PimpAndHost website and why you’re unable to access it? PimpAndHost is a free photo image hosting and sharing a website which is quite famous for its risque nature.

Google has removed PimpAndHost content from their search engine. If you search for “PimpAndHost ” in Google, you won’t see any results by PimpAndHost website. Recently, Bing has also removed the PimpAndHost search results from their search index.

Why Is PimpAndHost Not on Google & Bing?

Google has always been a one-click way to find almost anything existing in this universe. Similarly, most users are trying to for Pimpandhost online and are receiving errors while trying to access it.

Most of the content shared on PimpAndHost website is potentially offensive and risque in nature. That’s the main reason why you can see PimpAndHost results on search engines like Google and Bing.

However, at the time of writing this article, we found that if you search for “” (putting .com in the end), you can see the PimpAndHost website appears in Google and Bing. Searched in Bing Search Result in Bing Searched in Google Search Result in Google

You can see the website results saying:

“Free Image Hosting & Sharing For websites, blogs and forums. What makes us unique? Stability, Speed and premium Support. Sign Up for FREE!”

Why PimpAndHost is So Popular?

PimpAndHost is popular because it provides a platform for online communities to share photos and videos in just a few clicks. Online photo sharing is quite popular these days. We love taking photos and sharing them with our friends on social media sites.

With the advanced technology, more and more websites are coming up that not only allows users to share the photos but also host their content. These websites are called image hosting websites.

You can upload your photos on the image hosting websites and share them with anyone on the Internet. Unlike social media sites, image hosting sites offer you a platform to upload your photos and galleries and share them to the vast number of people online.

Each image hosting website is categorized based on the type of content hosted and shared on these websites. Since the bulk of the content hosted on PimpAndHost website is considered adult, this website falls under the risque content websites which may not be suitable for all.

What are the Features of PimpAndHost Website?

Apart from easy image hosting and sharing, PimpAndHost offers a handful of interesting features that make the website unique. Following are some of the features of PimpAndHost website:

  • PimpAndHost has no links with malicious or suspicious programs and has also been rated as Safe by the Google Safe Browsing
  • It has a fast upload feature making it easier for users who don’t have a pimpandhost account. however, we suggest you make an account before using its services to avail and all the features
  • You can also share GIFs via this platform and even convert or animate various actions and scenes into GIFs
  • You can create your album of images in your pimpandhost account. It keeps your pictures well organized
  • With this tool, you can upload as many file formats including JPG, GIF or BMP with a high quality of up to 5 MB without charging you a single penny
  • Last but not least, one of our favorite features of the pimpandhost site is the image editing. In this feature, you can edit the image even after you’ve uploaded it using the pimping feature

Quite impressed? PimpAndHost can be your best friend when it comes to uploading or sharing images at the best quality without having to spend money! But be warned that PimpAndHost is not for everyone.

Ok, I Understand the Risk, How Do I Access PimpAndHost?

You may want to access PimpAndHost for two different reasons- either to upload your photos or to see the uploaded pictures. As discussed above, Pimpandhost is not available on the popular search engines like Google and Bing.

However, that doesn’t mean the website doesn’t exist at all. You can still access PimpAndHost website using the following method.

That’s it. It’ll directly navigate you to the main page of PimpAndHost where you can upload images from your library or even from URL and sign up for free.

When you land on the PimpAndHost homepage, you’ll find various options on the top of the page. You can see your selected category, a link to upload content and everything else.

How Do I Upload Images to PimpAndHost?

To upload images, click on the Upload button on the Homepage. Follow the steps mentioned below to create a pimpandhost account-

  • Head to the site’s home by visiting
  • Now click on the “Sign in” icon (to the top-right corner)

How to Access PimpAndHost?

  • You’ll now see a dialog box asking you to enter your email and create a new password
  • After you submit them, you can manage your account’s profile and begin to upload photos

Once you create an account with PimpAndHost, you can upload pictures, create your own albums, upload GIFs and so much more.

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