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In this category, you’ll find the posts that provide you easy solutions to the issues related to your Internet and browsers. Learn how to fix browser crashing, how to speed up the browser, and how to fix internet disconnection problems.

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Time Warner Router Login (Spectrum): Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2019

Whether you want to change your password or set up your port for forwarding the project you’ve been working on. You will want to access your Time Warner router. The main feature of Time Warner is that plenty of Ethernet-based routers can work with Time Warner networks. However, to use all of these services, you’ll […]

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Netgear Router Login Guide and Troubleshooting Tips

Not sure how to login to your Netgear router? Sometimes you might want to login to your router to change the password or to make changes to the default settings. Netgear offers the best range of internet network connections for every purpose. It has been the first router to introduce world’s most speedy wireless router. […]

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How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?

With millions of webpages served my different servers across the world, it’s not surprising if one encounters with the server errors once in a long time. Amongst all, HTTP error 502 is the most common server error experienced by users. When the HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error occurs, you won’t be able to access the […]

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Why Do I See ‘Confirm Form Resubmission’ Error and How to Fix It?

Have you ever received “confirm form resubmission” message on Google Chrome? In most cases, Chrome shows this error when you try to refresh a page in Chrome or if the back button is pressed. not only Chrome users but Firefox users can also get this error message. So what is this confirm form resubmission or […]

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How Do I Deactivate Kik or Delete My Kik Account Permanently?

Kik has been a popular messaging app for Android and iPhones, but its popularity is now declining. More and more people are deactivating Kik as people are losing interest in Kik and secondly there are better replacement apps available in the market. Well, if you no longer use the Kik, then uninstall it from the […]

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12+ Ways to Speed Up Firefox Quantum Browser 2019

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the fastest internet browsers available. To speed up Firefox’s evolution, the developers have made several changes over the years. Today, the browser runs faster than ever. It is currently known as Firefox Quantum. Speed-wise, Firefox Quantum has the potential to outpace Google Chrome – world’s most popular web browser. All […]

How-to Guides IP Login, Default Username, Password & Settings: Complete Guide

Are you setting up a router for your home or workplace for the first time? Wondering what IP address is about? The router is a widely used networking device mainly used to provide the internet Wi-Fi connection in home and offices. For those who don’t know, every router has its IP address by default. […]

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Why There is No Sound on YouTube?

Having issues while watching your favorite video on YouTube? It’s annoying when YouTube audio suddenly stops working when you’re watching an interesting video. If you’re wondering why there’s no sound on YouTube or why YouTube sound stopped working all of a sudden, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this common issue where suddenly there […]

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YouTube Error 400: How to Fix?

YouTube is one of the most leading video sharing websites in the world with over 1.8 billion active users. However, many users have reported that they face specific errors while enjoying their favorite video. You might face errors like YouTube error 400, YouTube error 404, error 404, error 500 and YouTube error 503. Although, these […]

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How to Create, Edit & Share YouTube Playlist?

In one of his songs, Steven Wilson (singer, songwriter from the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree) sings, ‘God is on the net’. And those words strike a chord with the infinite array of possibilities the internet provides. All social media platforms are great but if video is your focus, there’s nothing as popular as YouTube. […]