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Aren’t we all are paying heavy subscription charges to watch movies and TV shows? Whether it’s Netflix or Prime video, they all have limited content at hefty prices.

How about watching your favorite movies from classic to the latest ones on a free website? Yes, it’s possible. Thousands of free websites offer you an excellent collection of movies.

However, some of them ask you to register, and some of them are illegal.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best free movie download websites for you to enjoy binge-watching your favorite movies. All of these movies downloading websites are entirely legal, and most of them are free!  Let’s get started-

1. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most popular websites when it comes to finding, streaming and downloading movies and TV shows as well. Here you can search for all the types of movies, and you might even find the newly released movies here.

It has an extremely user-friendly interface where you can choose from many genres.

You can find some top-rated web series like Game of Thrones, Thirteen Reasons Why and such other web series. You can create an account on this site for free, and you’re all set to enjoy FMovies’ features and services.

Visit FMovies here.

2. SnagFilms

You can see thousands of films and shows in systematic genres and a pretty simple user- interface. Some of the best features of SnagFilms are-

  • All the content available on this site is absolutely legitimate and free of piracy
  • You don’t have to do a prior registration or pay a single penny to watch any movie on this site
  • It has an appealing organized user base which makes it immensely more accessible for you to find your favorite movie
  • It also offers recommendations related to your previous movie searches so that you can explore new movies here

You can watch movies in the high definition 480P resolution and share it with your friends through Facebook and Twitter directly.

Visit SnagFilms here.

3. YesMovies

YesMovies is the world of the latest collection of movies and TV shows. Some of the main features of YesMovies are-

  • You can search for thousands of shows and movies using the Search bar available on the homepage of this site
  • You’ll also get a list of recommendations along with your list of movie results
  • You can find for movies in three different ways- as per country, region or search by genres
  • You can also search for movies by top IMDB ratings

YesMovies has a unique feature where you can even request for movies that aren’t available on this site.

Visit YesMovies here.

4. The Internet Archive

Internet Archive holds an essential place in the world of internet. Other than seeing Yahoo, Facebook, and Google in their embryonic stages, they offer a feature where you can see Movies.

Here you can search for movies for free in the new section of “Movies.”  All the movies available on this site are ready to download, and they’re organized according to their genre.

You can download movies for free. It also provides a link to the torrent file. It allows you to download large files of movies. Movies in this site are available in French, Portuguese and German and many other languages.

Visit The Internet Archive here.

5. Vudu

You can get an excellent and a massive collection of movies. However, most of the movies available on this site are on purchase service.

Some selected movies on Vudu are free. You can either choose to purchase the movie online or watch it free with advertisements. The advertisements on this site aren’t annoying and don’t occur frequently.

Vudu offers a clean and user-friendly interface to make it easier for you to watch movies. You can search for movies without having to register, but you’ll have to register for watching them.

Some of the most popular genres include- Adventure, Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Comedy and many other categories.

Visit Vudu here.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers you to watch and download movies for free with over seven thousand plus titles. You’ll love this site if you’re a movie lover. Here’s why-

  • It is updated every week with a new set of movie contents.
  • It has some unique features like “Not on Netflix” where all the content available is not available on Netflix. They offer you to watch these movies and shows for free
  • You can watch all of this sites movies and shows without having to register an account

You should surely try this site to enjoy all the unique set of movies, shows and features it offers.

Visit Tubi TV here.

7. Retrovision Classic Movies

Retrovision is a treasure of old and classic movies which you watch and download for free.  It has a basic and simple user interface where you can find movies from the home page itself.

The movies here are organized as per their genres. It includes Romance, Adventure, documentaries, and such other categories.

You can download the app version of this site from the Google Play Store to watch its content on your smartphone. You can even schedule the movies through subscribing to the newsletter.

Visit Retrovision Classic Movies here.

8. Open Culture

Open Culture is a unique website where you get an excellent collection of movies, courses, and audiobooks. Let’s check out some of the essential components of Open culture-

  • You can watch from 1,150 movies for free online
  • There are different types of movie genres like- film, noir, classics, documentaries
  • Movies on this site are created by some of the finest actors, actresses and best directors
  • The website consists of six sections- language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks and more

Open Culture offers many Oscar-winning movies for free. They mostly provide you the movies by providing the third-party links.

Visit Open Culture here. 

9. Public Domain Torrents

As per my knowledge, this is the only legal torrent site I know. Here you’ll get a considerable number of public domain and films with the respective company’s permission.

You can download this site’s content using the BitTorrent program.  You can download movies in any format you want.

Some of the main genres include Mystery, War, Drams, romance, and others.  You can either watch all the movies by clicking on Show all movies or browse through different genres.

Visit Public Domain Torrents here.

10. Vimeo

For those who don’t know, Vimeo allows you to download and watch movies for free. Check out some of the main features of Vimeo below-

  • Offers you to watch certain movies and films in the 360 technology with 40K Ultra HD
  • Has a comfortable user interface where you can choose from genres like – Animation, Comedy, Wars, Romance and others
  • You don’t have to register an account on this website to watch movies for free
  • In Vimeo, you can create your own playlist and even upload videos for free

We suggest you register an account on this website to enjoy and avail all of its features and services.

visit vimeo here.

11. FilmOnline4u

This one is for all the Bollywood lovers out there. However, you also can watch thousands of Hollywood movies. This website also includes Pakistani and Hindi dubbed movies.

Downloading movies from this website is ad-supported. The website doesn’t host any content on its website as they use third-party video hosting services. It includes hosting services like Videoland, Putlocker, and others.

Subscribe to their newsletter to get a notification about the latest movies to download.

Visit FilmOnline4U here.

12. Popcorn Flix

Get your Popcorns ready and start streaming and downloading movies from Popcorn Flix. Screen Media Ventures operate this website. You don’t have to sign up to watch or stream movies. Some of the basic features of Popcorn Flix are-

  • You can easily search for movies using the search bar or browse through their genre
  • Some of the favorite genres include Romance, Adventure, War, Documentaries
  • To explore new movies, you can use the features ‘Most popular’ and ‘New Arrivals’ in the menu bar
  • This website is ad-based, but it isn’t annoying at all

Popcorn Flix isn’t available in a few regions due to some copyright issues.

Visit Popcorn Flix here.

13. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv is more of a channel streaming site including some popular News, Sports, Documentaries, Movie channels and more.

You can completely quit your cable connection and use this website to entertain you. The interface itself is similar to television where you can scroll through a list of TV channels.

Some of the popular channels include CBNC, Cheddar, MSNBC, Science TV, and such other channels. Pluto TV can efficiently work on your browser and even watch it on your TV using Chromecast, Roku TV and Amazon TV Stick.

You should surely give a try to this excellent movie download website and also enjoy its television services.

Visit Pluto TV here.

14. Yahoo View

I’m sure that you weren’t familiar that you could watch movies on Yahoo. However, yes, Yahoo offers a fantastic service called Yahoo View. Here you can watch free online movies. Let’s know more about bout this site below-

  • Yahoo View hosts these movies from any third-party services like- Fox, Hulu and ABC
  • Some of the most popular TV series available on this site are- Money King, Arthurs Newman, Monkey King and many other
  • Most of the content available on this site are available in the United States. However, you can watch them in other regions using the Virtual Private Network service
  • Movies are set according to their genres. These genres include Horror, Science, Romance, War, and others

Check out “Yahoo View” to get a new collection of movies on your browser.

Visit Yahoo View here.

15. Hulu

Hulu is one of the most famous movie and TV show streaming site. You can enjoy all of the services and features of Hulu in the first one month free trial period. Some excellent services of Hulu are-

  • You can almost watch every movie and TV show on this site
  • You can use the search movie feature or browse through genres to search for movies
  • Hulu is also available as an app for your smartphones including all Android, iOS, and TVs

Most of Hulu’s services are restricted for specific regions, but you can always use Virtual Private Network program.

Visit Hulu here.

16. Amazon Prime Video

The newly released Amazon Prime Video has become a competition to the most popular movie streaming website like Netflix. Just like Hulu and Netflix, Prime Video offers free access to all the content for free one month trial period.

Three devices can watch videos though Prime at one time. You can watch all of these contents on your Android device, iOs device, and Smart TVs

The good news is that all the students can avail and enjoy Prime Video’s services for free for six months. Download the Amazon Prime video app now and start streaming and downloading the most popular and movies and shows.

Visit Amazon Prime Video here.

17. Crackle

Sony owns crackle and hence it is an excellent website for watching a vast collection of movies for free. All you have to do is simple signup and create your watchlist.

Crackle offers some fantastic set of movies which aren’t available for free on other websites. You might get some advertisements while watching this site’s content, but they are surely not as frustrating. Crackle is available as an app for Android and iOS devices.

You can use the VPN program if Crackles content is unavailable in your region.

Visit Crackle here.

18. Netflix

When it comes to the best movie streaming and downloading sites, Netflix has to be on the list. Just like Hulu and Prime Video, Netflix offers a free trial period of one month. Netflix is a feature-rich program, and some of these features are-

  • It holds the best online streaming service around the world
  • Netflix has some fantastic original set of series which you can enjoy in the first free trial period
  • Some of the best original series include Narcos, thirteen reasons why, Lucifer and others
  • It has an eye-appealing user interface with excellent services
  • Netflix is accessible on a browser, smartphone including Android and iOS devices, and Smart TVs as well

Netflix is one stop for all the entertainment you are expecting from one single source.

Visit Netflix here.

19. Kanopy

Kanopy is an unpopular and underrated site when it comes to free movie streaming site. It has a unique collection of movies where users can access the Kanopy movies through its site or app if they have library cards.

You should surely try out this site if you want to stream movies in a relaxed mode.

Kanopy is one of the legal torrent websites where you can even download legal movie torrents.

Visit Kanopy here.

20. IMDb Freedive

IMDb is owned by Amazon which offers free movie streaming and downloading to all the Fire TV users. We have listed this site as they have some impressive collection of movies which keeps updating regularly.

You can also use Alexa to start Freedive online movie streaming. Try out this site to get the best of movies on your TV. Some of the best content of this site include The Illusionist, Born this Way, Quantum Leap and more.

Visit IMDb here.

That’s not all. You can even try out the new addition to the collection of free movie streaming and downloading sites. It includes Viewster, Yidio, Veoh and many more.

All the sites we’ve mentioned above are entirely legal and safe to use.

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