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How to Block a Website on Mac?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to block website/s on your Mac. It may be just that you want to stay away from websites that spread the malicious virus or contain explicit content. Or, you may just want to block the addictive websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We usually ignore and […]

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How do I Check Hard Drive Health on Windows & Mac?

If you value the data on your computer, you must take good care of the hard drive. Your hard drive is not just a vital computer component, it is also irreplaceable. Hence, you need to check hard disk health on Windows and Mac systems from time to time. If you haven’t created a backup, checking […]

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3 Simple Ways to Fix “Battery Service” Warnings on Mac/Macbook Pro

The ‘Service Battery’ warning on your Mac can be an unexpected buzz-kill for you. It is a critical concern, nevertheless, solvable. There are around three different ways you can fix the service battery warnings on your Mac. But, before we rundown the solutions, here’s a quick pick for all the battery conditions your MacBook detects. […]