Orson Fletcher (Tech Writer, Hardware Engineer)
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OliverOrson is a computer hardware engineer based in Albuquerque. His family runs a hardware & networking store. Over the past four years, Orson has developed hands-on experience in fixing computer peripherals, accessories, and interfaces.

Orson likes to trade his know-how by contributing to several hardware support websites.

Currently, he is exploring user management systems and Big Data to come up with a new networking technology. His dream – expand his family’s PC repair business in the next decade.

Sid Asalekar (Tech Reporter & Writer)
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Sid is an independent tech reporter, who likes to cover the latest news on information technology. Most of his work revolves around creating news articles and simple user guides on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Sid’s interest in trying out new and untested Windows software brings forth valuable, first-hand user information.

On top of that, he likes to indulge himself with the latest gadgets and breakthrough user technologies. In his downtime, Sid logs into online gaming portals for hours.

Parvat Sarvade (Certified Microsoft Professional)
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ParvatParvat is a Computer Engineer and certified Microsoft Professional. He is a Microsoft Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solution Associate, and Microsoft Technology Associate with more than seven years of experience.

He has worked on different Microsoft platforms; from MS-DOS and Windows NT to Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Parvat applies his diverse tech expertise in developing how-to tutorials that are easy to follow for Windows end-users across the globe. When he is not busy, he keeps a tab on latest Microsoft developments.

Ritika Purohit (Tech Blogger)
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RitikaRitika is a tech blogger at Daily Tech Posts website.

Being a tech enthusiast, she is always excited about analyzing and writing on the latest technologies. She strongly believes that the best way to teach technology is to first discover how things technically work.

She has been a host and anchor for many tech shows. When she is not writing, she is probably planning for her next tech show.

Amanda Jacobson (Tech Writer)
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Amanda JacobsonAmanda is a student pursuing her Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Diploma in Android development.

For the past six years, she has been hooked on Android phones, making her a go-to person for anything related to mobile operating systems.

Her love for Android games and apps continues to surge with every new arrival. She spends much time developing open source software for Android platforms. She plans on interning with Google after graduating.