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Apple Music is a popular music streaming service mainly designed for iOS Mac devices and Apple TV. It allows users to choose over 50 million tracks with an excellent user interface containing 5 tabs- Library, For You, Radio, Browse and Search.

However, Apple offers a three-month free trial period to the new subscribers. As the free trial period gets over, it becomes a paid application only.

The subscription charges of Apple music becomes $9.99 per month which most of us don’t find it worth the price.

There are many free music streaming and downloading applications offering better features. To avoid paying these heavy charges, you’ll have to cancel your Apple Music subscription before the trial period expires.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to cancel music subscription on iOS devices, Mac and Apple TV. Let’s get started-

1. Cancel Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad

Most of you do not get a prompt as the trial period gets over and might even start charging you money. Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your Apple Music subscription successfully.

1)    Go to Settings on your iOS device and select iTunes and App store option

2)    hit the Apple ID button

3)    Choose View Apple ID option

4)    Now, enter your Apple ID password or use the Touch ID

5)    Click the Subscriptions icon

6)    Select Apple Music

7)    Hit the Cancel Subscription key

8)    Click on Confirm to save the changes

Cancel Music Subscription on iPhone or iPad

Done! Your Apple Music subscription stops at the end of the current billing stage.

2. Cancel Apple Music Subscription on your Mac or PC

If you have signed up for Apple Music on your Mac or PC, follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the subscription.

1)    Launch iTunes

2)    Go to the menu bar (from the top of your PC screen or to the top of you’re the iTunes window) and select Account and click the View My Account

3)    Here, you might have to sign in with your Apple ID

4)    Now, scroll down to the Settings area on your Account information window

5)    In the Settings area, hit the Manage icon (to the right of Subscriptions)

6)    After that, Click on the Edit option (to the right-side of Apple Music subscription)

Cancel Apple Music Subscription on your Mac or PC

7)    You’ll have to choose to Change or Cancel the subscription charges

Once you’ve made an option, hit the confirm button to save the changes. Your subscription must end by the end of your billing period.

If you’re charged for a subscription, yet you can’t see it in your subscriptions list, ensure you’re signed in with Apple ID.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Apple TV

Apple Music isn’t available on Apple TV (3rd generation) or Apple TV (2nd generation). Here’s how you can cancel Apple Music subscription on Apple TV-

1)    Go to Settings and select Accounts

2)    Now, under the Subscriptions tab, select Manage Subscriptions

3)    Click on your Apple Music subscription

4)    Here you can choose to either Change or Cancel your subscription

Cancel Apple Music Subscription on Apple TV

Once it is done, Click Ok to make the changes and your subscription will be cancelled by the end of the present billing period.

Troubleshooting Steps

Many users have reported that they cannot see their subscription in the list, even if they are being charged for it. Try out these simple troubleshoots to fix the issue.

  • Ensure that you are using updated software and Apple music on your device
  • Make sure to sign-in with the same Apple ID credentials when you originally subscribed to Apple Music. If you’ve forgotten your ID or password go to Settings and Accounts and Passwords. Now, follow the onscreen instructions. You may receive a reset password message on the registered email.
  • You might have signed up for Apple Music using your Smartphone provider. Contact them immediately and ask them to cancel the subscription
  • Check if you have received a legitimate email from Apple itself
  • If nothing works for you, directly contact Apple Support for assistance

Done! We suggest you use a free music streaming apps like Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora music which offers all the services with no monthly subscriptions and even download individual songs.

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