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Kik has been a popular messaging app for Android and iPhones, but its popularity is now declining. More and more people are deactivating Kik as people are losing interest in Kik and secondly there are better replacement apps available in the market.

Well, if you no longer use the Kik, then uninstall it from the app store is a pretty straightforward solution for you. However, if you want to temporarily deactivate a Kik account or want to delete your Kik account and data permanently, this guide is for you.

Kik Account Deactivation: Permanent vs. Temporary

There’s a big difference between a Kik permanent delete and to temporarily disable Kik account. You must know what happens when you deactivate Kik account with both the ways.

If you deactivate Kik temporarily, your account stays as it is until you log in again. You won’t get any mail or messages from Kik in the meantime.

By temporarily disabling Kik account, your username gets removed from the directory. Also, your username gets removed from the Kik accounts of people whom you talked to.

Thankfully, your username and password remain registered to your temporarily deactivated Kik account.

However, if you go for a Kik permanent delete,

  • you can no longer log in to Kik with the same account
  • you’d have to create a new Kik account
  • your Kik username won’t be searchable anymore
  • there’s no scope for Kik account reactivation, and
  • your username is made available for new Kik users

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Should I Permanently Delete Kik Account?

Deleting or deactivating Kik account

Yes, if you’re fed up with this social media app. Just make sure that you won’t change your mind later.

Here’s how to delete Kik account:

  • Start by uninstalling the mobile app
  • For Android users, open Settings on your device
  • Look for Apps or Application Manager
  • Select Kik from the apps list
  • Tap Uninstall and confirm by tapping OK to complete the process

Now, since you want to permanently delete Kik account,

  • Go to link –
  • Enter your username and password to log in (Surprised to see your account even after you uninstalled the app?)
  • Check the box – I understand that I am permanently deactivating my account
  • Click on GO after entering all the fields

Soon as you complete this process, Kik sends a mail of permanent deactivation. Click on the link to confirm your user authentication for Kik permanent delete.

Now, try to login with your username and password. You won’t be able to log in as your Kik account has now been permanently deleted.

How to Deactivate Kik Account Temporarily

And, if you need to stay away from Kik for some time, you can temporarily disable it.

Uninstall the app and follow these steps:

  • Go to link –
  • Enter your login details – username and password
  • After logging in, enter your registered Kik email ID
  • Click on GO and wait for a deactivation mail to be sent to your email ID

Deactivate your Kik account

Check your mail in a few minutes and you’ll find the mail

  • Open the mail
  • Click on the link to verify temporary Kik deactivation
  • Once confirmed, your Kik account gets deactivated (temporarily deleted)

To reactivate, get the Kik app back on your phone and just log in with the same username and password.

That’s all about deactivating your Kik account temporarily and permanently. If you experience any problem, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to come up with the best possible solutions for you.

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