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YouTube is one of the most leading video sharing websites in the world with over 1.8 billion active users. However, many users have reported that they face specific errors while enjoying their favorite video.

You might face errors like YouTube error 400, YouTube error 404, error 404, error 500 and YouTube error 503. Although, these errors are infrequent as your YouTube mostly works fine. However, YouTube error 400 is the most common error

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to fix YouTube error 400 on your Laptop, PC, and smartphone. Let’s get started-

1. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

According to many users, clearing their browser cache and cookies has fixed the YouTube error 400. You’ll have to clear everything from your browser history. Here’s how you do it in Google Chrome-

1)    Launch Chrome

2)    Go to More icon (to the top right corner)

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

3)    Click More tools and select Clear browsing data

4)    Select All time to clear everything

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Make sure that the Cookies and other site data and cached images and files boxes are checked

5)    Now, hit the Clear data button

Once it’s done, restart your system and check if the YouTube error 400 is fixed.

2. Clear the Cookies for YouTube

Well, if you don’t want to clear the entire browser cookies as you might lose your passwords, data, and files, try clearing YouTube cookies only. Let’s do it-

1)    Open your browser and go to Settings

2)    Scroll down and go to the Advanced icon

3)    Now, in the Advanced option, go to the Content Settings under Privacy and Security

Clear the Cookies for YouTube

4)    Go to Content settings then select Cookies.

Clear the Cookies for YouTube

In the Cookies store, type YouTube in the Search bar. Here you can see all the YouTube cookies. Hit the Remove All button to delete all the cookies related to YouTube. Click Yes or confirm to delete.

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-01-18 23_59_20-5 Ways to Solve the Extremely Annoying Issue of YouTube 400 Error.png

After that, close your browser and reboot your system. Once again launch your YouTube and see if the error persists.

3. Fix YouTube Error by Replacing the Direct Link to the Video with Video ID

This solution is mainly designed to fix the error on your smartphones. Before we get to the elaborated solution, try to log out of your YouTube app and then log in again. If it doesn’t work, follow the next step.

1)    Go to the YouTube web page and go to the URL of your page

2)    You can see some numbers and letter at the end of URL after the equal sign

3)    This set of letters and numbers is your unique video ID

Replace your link to the video with the video ID and check if YouTube on your phone is working correctly.

4. Fix YouTube Error 400 on your Smart TV

There can be various reasons that cause YouTube error 400 on your Smart TV. Before we get to the solution-

  • Ensure that you are using the latest software ‘
  • Disconnect your power supply for a few minutes and plug in

If nothing works, it’s time to hard reset your device or restore to your default settings. It will get your YouTube working right.

5. Reinstall Chrome

If nothing works for you and still facing YouTube 400 error, try reinstalling Chrome or the browser you are using to watch YouTube. Reinstall your browser. This is the best way to get rid of this annoying YouTube 400 error.

You get this YouTube 400 error if your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. Well, these are the most workable solutions to fix the problem.

Have any other issues related to YouTube? Drop down your queries in the comments section below.

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