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Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10 – is your computer asking this over and over? You may experience this prompting whenever you are using File Explorer in Windows 10.

Normally, the Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10 page opens in a File Explorer window if you press the F1 key. However, there’ve been instances when the page – Get help in Windows 10 – keeps popping up unexpectedly.

There’s nothing more annoying than help/support pages like “Get help with Windows 10” keep popping up when you don’t need any help.

Here are a series of easy fixes for this “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” problem.


#1:  Check the F1 Key

Try hard pressing the F1 key to see if the “Get Help” window shows up. Now, there’s a chance that your keyboard keys are malfunctioning.

Either the F1 key is being pressed accidentally by you. Or else, dust under the key is causing it to get pressed inadvertently.

You can check your keyboard keys as follows,

  • Press each key on your physical keyboard, open an on-screen keyboard, and see if the highlighted key matches with the pressed one
  • For PCs, you can get the plug-in keyboard cleaned with dust vacuum
  • If the F1 key is stuck, unplug your present keyboard, restart your computer, and then plug in another keyboard

If this solves the “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” problem, then it was your faulty keyboard that was triggering those pop-ups.

#2:  Scan for Malware

Scan for Malware

If the “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” page opens up automatically, check your computer for malware protection.

There’s a Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10 virus that can access your keyboard inputs and trigger the pop-up.

  • Download antivirus software such as Kaspersky, Windows Defender, and Avast
  • Scan your computer thoroughly
  • Disable programs where any virus or malware is detected
  • Quarantine the detected malware files
  • Restart your computer

This way, your Windows 10 File Explorer may stop bothering you with the Get Help pop-ups.


#3:  Avoid Running Keyboard Macro Programs

If the “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” problem persists, there’s a good chance a keyboard macro program is causing it.

A keyboard macro program tweaks the settings to allow auto-click or key press without human intervention.

To disable keyboard macro program,

  • Go to Control Panel from Windows 10 Start menu
  • Open the Keyboard item from Clock, Language and Region settings
  • On the Key settings, select the keyboard plugged in
  • Click on Configure to change the macro program commands
  • Disable the macro program by un-ticking the Assign Macro checkbox

Go back to the Windows 10 File Explorer, and see if Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10 keeps popping up, still.

#4:  Fully Disable the “Get Help” Feature

 Fully Disable the “Get Help” Feature

If none of the above methods work, we have an ultimate fix as well.

We recommend you not using this method if the “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” problem is resolved by any of the above-mentioned methods.

To disable the Help feature, you need to rename the Helppane.exe tool.

  • Download any Unblocker tool online and install it
  • Open Windows 10 File Explorer
  • Browse to C:\Windows
  • Search for helppane.exe file
  • Right-click on helppane.exe and select the installed Unblocker wizard tool
  • Click on it and the Unblocker wizard opens
  • Select the action – Rename – and click on OK
  • Rename the helppane.exe to anything else (go for helppane_disabled.exe)

This method disables the Help feature from your Windows 10 completely. So, don’t bother if the “Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10” page doesn’t pop up later, even after pressing the F1 key.

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