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AIM refers to AOL Instant Messenger and is a very popular instant messaging client. AIM software allows users to send instant messages to anyone available in their ‘buddy list.’

It includes photo and file sharing, video and audio chat, social networking integration and buddy list themes, etc.

Let us see some of the features of the AOL Mail

  • The AOL Mail has in-built Spam protection, Virus protection, spell checking
  • The AOL email attachment limit is 25 MB
  • The maximum mailbox size: 4,000 sent messages, 1000 new messages, and 4,000 old messages
  • The AOL Mail supports SSL/HTTPS

Using the AOL Instant Messenger in your AIM Mailbox was an effortless feature to use. You just had to log in to your mail account and chat with your buddy to the side.

On March 16, 2017 AIM was discontinued on (or AOL Mail). Go through the instructions below to login and access AIM on AIM Mail:

How to Log In to AIM Mail?

You can log in to your Aim mail by visiting the AIM Mail browser. To do so,

  • Visit
  • Select Sign In (To the right-hand side of your mail)

How to Log In to AIM Mail?

  • Enter your AIM screen username and password to log in
  • Choose and tick the box ‘Automatically sign me into AIM when I sign into Mail’. It speeds up the process to use AIM in your mail account

You are now logged in to your AIM Mail account.

Choose a Buddy to chat from the Buddy List

Once you sign in, you can see your Buddy List to the right of your mail screen. Choose any entry in the list and send an Instant Message to Aim buddies.

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-02-01 16_36_29-How to Sign In to AIM on AIM Mail.png

The above method works and allows you to access and Login AIM on AIM Mail.

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