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Every iOS update is releasing with extreme security measures making it difficult to liberate the iOS devices. Most of the useful exploits used by the developers to jailbreak iOS 11 and the early beta versions of iOS 12 have been fixed which clearly indicates that iOS 12 jailbreak will not be a smooth process.

Although the jailbreak community knows that there are tons of exploits to liberate the iOS devices.

Kernel read/write access in iOS 12 beta 12 found!

As per the sources, One of the Security researchers has already searched an Exploit in the iOS 12 beta 12. The final build of iOS 12 may release later this month, most probably on the 19th September.

Researcher Simone Ferrini tweets that he has already detected the exploit in iOS 12 beta 12. This may be an essential part of the jailbreak process but has no guarantee to a final jailbreak.

As Ferrini and his colleagues have made a public announcement to show their capabilities, there is a massive possibility that Apple fixes its loophole in the final build.

Another tweet by the name Nullpixel stated a few things which make “jailbreaking harder.” However, he also pointed out that the jailbreak is not impossible. Nullpixel belongs to the Electra team that launched the Electra jailbreak tool for iOS 11.3.1.

Apple is making it harder for the security researchers to liberate the iOS devices and also the users are avoiding jailbreaks as it may render their devices inoperable. Jailbreak also leads to disruption in services such as FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, Apple Pay.

We all are eager to see if the iOS 12 jailbreak hits the market as the software rolls out. We can also expect that the jailbreak may never show up.

In June, a Chinese security researcher Liang Chen from Tencent Keen Lab was able to Jailbreak the iOS 12 beta on the iPhone X by installing Cydia. According to the reports, Apple has fixed the bug exploited by Mr. Chen

Another good news comes along as Apple is all set to launch its three new dimensional iPhones on September 12th. These devices will come with inbuilt iOS 12 with all new features and bug fixes.

The iOS 12 comes with a 50% faster display of the keyboard and 70% faster camera vision. iOS will be much faster than its predecessor.

The latest iOS version iOS also includes features like Screen Time, Memoji, improved augmented reality, better Control Center, Enhanced Parental Controls, Siri shortcuts, and a revamped Stocks app.


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