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Can you get iMessages online on your PC? Is it possible? Let’s see.

With the increasing number of iPhone users in the market, there has been a surge in the number of issues and questions about iPhone’s compatibility with Windows.

Reality is iPhone users do have a Windows PC and they definitely want the basic iPhone applications to work on Windows. The biggest of all questions is about accessing iMessage online.

What is iMessage Online?

iMessage is a messaging app which allows iPhone users to send a message to another iPhone user without any charges.

It is loaded with amazing features like group chat, effects, sharing media, etc. which is generally absent in traditional messaging apps.

iMessage is one of the most demanding applications today. iOS has always come up amazing services and intuitive approaches to launch something indifferent for their consumers in order to meet their demand.

On the same page, iMessage for PC was launch to allow iOS users to use iMessage on other browsers and operating systems.

Yes, it is possible to use iMessage on different platforms with using it on Mac and this guide will tell you exactly how to go along with it.

Access iMessage Online using iPadian

Officially, iMessage is not available on Windows. But, for you to access iMessage on Windows PC you need to access Mac OS ecosystem on your Windows PC.

This is when these emulators come into the picture. It allows you to use everything that an Apple device has to offer.

You will find many emulators, but as iPadian is tested and safe, it is highly recommended.

Step 1: Go to download and install it.

Access iMessage Online using iPadian

Step 2: Once you have launched iPadian, your windows will exactly look like the Mac OS.

Step 3: Locate the search icon, click on it and type iMessage.

Step 4: Install it on the PC within iPadian.

Step 5: Launch the application, and log in using your Apple ID and password.

Remember: iMessage will be accessible only on iPadian. You will have to launch iPadian from the windows PC every time you wish to use iMessage.

Access iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

This method does not require iPadian, but for you to use iMessage online you will need access to a Mac computer.

In this method a Mac computer is used as a base computer to run iOS applications and using the Remote Access feature of Google Chrome, the Mac screen is mirrored on the Windows PC.

If you have a Mac at home and using a Windows PC at work, this method is the best if you want to avail iMessage login on the computer. Be advised, that you need to have Google Chrome on both and they must be ON and running.

Step 1: Launch Chrome on both the computers and click on the drop-down menu (three small dots) on the right above panel.

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3: From the extended menu on the left click on Extensions or on Google Chrome, type chrome://extensions/in the search bar and hit enter.

Step 4: Search for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

Access iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 5: Install this extension on both computers

Once Chrome Remote Desktop is added on both the computers follow the steps to use iMessage online efficiently.

Step 1: On Mac, Google Chrome -> Settings -> Extensions

Step 2: Look for Chrome Remote desktop and Enable it

Step 4: Click on Chrome Remote Desktop icon near to Chrome address bar, Select Allow Access.

Step 5: Select Enable remote connections and enter a PIN. Remember or note it down.

Step 6: Follow the same steps to Enable Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows computer as well.

Step 7: On Windows PC, click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon next to the address bar and select ‘Connect Remotely’

Step 8: Enter the PIN that was generated in Step 5.

Give it a few seconds to establish a secure connection. Once done, you will be able to see Mac screen on your Windows desktop.

iMessage is a blessing for iOS users because of the amazing features it has and so is the demand for using the app. This was a user can use iMessage on both Mac and Windows.

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