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Google Maps has made it possible for us to search and navigate to almost any location on this planet. It is one of the leading web mapping services which has over two billion active users.

You can search almost any street address, hotels, cafes, hospitals, cinemas and such other public places with its ratings and personal details and routes.

Google Maps also shows the traffic on the way, and the amount of time it’ll take for you to reach a particular place.

You can also send your Live location to someone so that they can get an exact location of you. It is available on almost all the web browsers and a well-designed application to save your locations.

Some of you may find the interface quite overwhelming. However, you have to enter an address, and you’re good to go.

In this post, we’ll guide on how to get driving directions on Google Maps. Let’s get started.

How to Get Driving Directions in Google Maps?

You can use Google Maps for walking, driving, riding, using a mode of public transport or even cycling. Google Maps also offers flight information on the desktop version.

You get to choose your navigation mode and routes from the available options from Google Maps. For example- you can choose a shorter by avoiding tolls and traffic in driving mode. Let’s see how it works-

  • Launch Google Maps

How to Get Driving Directions in Google Maps?

  • Enter your destination in the search here box
  • Select the most relevant location from the drop-down list
  • An icon with your last-used mode of transport appears. Click on it to see all the other mode of transport options
  • You can see driving, public transport and walking options to reach your destination along with the journey time depending on the distance and traffic

Note: Directions for biking navigations aren’t available worldwide.

  • To avoid tolls and highways, choose the action overflow option (three vertical dots to the top right corner)
  • Hit the Route button
  • Choose the options to suit your preferences and tap on Done to save the settings you’ve made
  • After that, hit the Start button to start the navigation

Well, you can add various stops to your route and check different route journey times to start your navigation.

How to Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps?

  • Open Google Maps on your device
  • Find for your destination and click on it on the map
  • Tap Directions (to the bottom right)

How to Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps?

  • Hit the More button (to the top right) and select Add stop (you can add up to nine destinations or stops)

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You can add multiple destinations on Google Maps using this method on a computer, iPhone/ iPad and Android as well.

You can now easily search your frequently visiting locations in the saved stops in your Google Maps and navigate quickly.

How to See Directions for Bikes and Scooters?

Yes! Google Maps has introduced a new feature for all the bike and scooter riders. You can access the roads available for two-wheelers using Google Maps for bikes. However, this feature isn’t available in all locations. Let’s go-

  • Search for the location you want to go
  • Hit the Directions button (to the bottom right)
  • Select the Two-Wheeler option and hit the Start button

Done! Enjoy your bike riding experience in shorter routes even in an unknown place using Google Maps.

You’re good to go to your preferred destination with the exact routes, location and journey time according to your vehicle and the setting you’ve saved.

Have any other queries related to Google Maps? Let us know in the comments below.

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