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Advertisements can vex your web-surfing experience. You don’t need those annoying banners and pop-up videos.

You need advertisement blocking tools to stay engaged in ad-free web surfing. Ergo, you’ve got two options on the table, Adblock or Adblock Plus.

Netizens around the world prefer using these tools. Unfortunately, very few are aware of the best choice. ‘Adblock vs Adblock Plus’ debate has stirred up the interests of users all around.

Here’s our take on which is the best choice for you. We have put forth a comprehensive Adblock vs Adblock Plus comparison.

From differences to common benefits, take a look at how the Adblock vs Adblock Plus comparison shapes up.

Adblock vs. Adblock Plus: 2018 Analogy

Both of these ad blocking tools were developed as extensions for web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

But, which came first? Adblock was the pioneering advertisement blocking tool developed by Google. Its advanced variant – Adblock Plus – was later developed by a community of tech users based in Germany.

Is Adblock Better than Adblock Plus?

For Firefox, Adblock is the most popular advertisement blocking tool. The extension is compatible with all mainstream browsers.

Adblock Features:

The basic features of Adblock are similar to those of Adblock Plus. The tool offers malware protection. You can see the number of ads blocked.

Browsing with Adblock allows you to blacklist intrusive ads. In addition, you can whitelist specific ads as per your needs.

There’s a right-click menu for viewing all options of Adblock. These options are easy to navigate. You can view the blocked ads at any point of time.

If you use Chrome or Firefox exclusively, then Adblock is an ideal advertisement blocking tool for you.


  • Community driven, improves blocking regularly
  • Open source
  • Understandable settings
  • Creates subscription lists to block certain ads thoroughly
  • Easy installation


  • Deems some ads as alright, doesn’t block all ads
  • Users are forced to opt out of allowing white-list ads

How Is Adblock Plus Better than Adblock?

Adblock Plus was developed later, as an open-source ad-blocking tool. To ease the struggle of users in blocking intrusive ads, the Adblock Plus offers easy-to-navigate settings.

Adblock Plus Features

Despite the common features, Adblock Plus has a few exclusive features unlike Adblock.

Adblock Plus uses the EasyList. It is basically a list of ads blocked by Adblock Plus. This list is further incorporated with Adblock to ensure seamless experience.

Key features of Adblock Plus include

  • Allowing acceptable ads
  • Creating a customized list for blocking ads
  • Disabling trackers
  • Blocking malware domains
  • Restricting intrusion from social media sites

Quite frankly, Adblock Plus has more blocking options and filter than Adblock. You can also set custom filters based upon your web surfing needs.


  • Fast installation
  • Open source
  • Blocks wide array of ads by using similar blocking list as Adblock


  • Slows down the browser if several tabs are open
  • Some YouTube ads can bypass
  • Adblock Plus page pops up after installation

Adblock vs Adblock Plus – Which is Better?

Ads are important for generating revenues. So, the future of web browsing is likely to be packed with new formats of ads.

These tools make browser ads less intrusive. Both are credibly good in terms of performance.

Adblock is a bit slower than Adblock Plus. So, using the latter is recommended.

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