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Online conference calls with your boss or clients can get screwed up when your Skype isn’t working at all. Everyone’s familiar with Skype and how the popular video chat app can shape up your business communications.

So, when Skype doesn’t work, you can’t communicate effectively in your enterprise or business.

Lately, Skype has started throwing many issues, and one of the common issues that users are reporting is that Skype can’t connect and result in Skype not working at all.

In this post, we have listed a few troubleshooting steps to solve your Skype issue. Let’s get started.

1. Check Your Skype’s Heartbeat Page

If your Skype won’t connect to any services, the first thing you should do is check if itself has some issues. You can quickly get to know Skype’s status by opening the Skype page and Hitting the Help menu and select Heartbeat (Skype Status).

Check Your Skype’s Heartbeat Page

You can see the Skype’s system status in the Heartbeat page which also informs all the issues in the Skype’s infrastructure. It lists some recent issues at the bottom of the page. However, you cannot solve these problems and wait for Microsoft to do the work for you.

2. Check Skype Audio Settings

Well, one of the most common problem Skype users report is “Skype microphone is not working,” you can sometimes hear the sound in a robotic voice or no sound at all. Here’s what you need to do.

  •   Go to the Options window by hitting Tools>Options icons

Check Bandwith Usage

  •   Test your speakers and microphone in the Audio Settings panel

You can see a green volume bar under the Microphone option. You have to speak into your microphone and check if the green bar moves accordingly.

If the volume bar doesn’t move, the problem is with your current microphone. You can hit the drop-down menu (beside the Microphone option) and choose another tool.

You’ll have to keep switching devices from the drop-down menu until you see the volume slider move when you speak.

In some of the Windows 10 systems, they have disabled apps to use a microphone. You can manually enable it. Here’s how-

  •   Go to the Settings menu and Click the Privacy button
  •  Choose Microphone (on the left)
  •  Now, Toggle the slider to enable the Allow Apps to Access your Microphone option

Check Skype Audio Settings

Ensure that the Skype app is included in the permission list too.  If you still can’t hear sound on Skype, you’ll have to test your speakers applying the same method as above.

Click on the Play icon (to the right-side of speakers). If you can’t hear any sound, keep selecting a different tool from the drop-down list. Check if your microphone or speaker works appropriately.

3. Check for Skype’s Video settings

There can be video issues in your Skype if the camera access to Skype is faulty. You can set it from the Video settings option in the Options window. To do so,

  •  Go to Tools> Audio and Video Settings

Check Bandwith Usage

  •  Scroll down and check for the Video section

In the Video page, you can see an image in the box if your camera is working correctly. If you can’t see an image, the problem might be with your camera. Make sure that no object is blocking your camera.

To check for Camera permissions in your Windows 10 PC, Go to Settings> Privacy and hit the Camera button (on the left side) and check the option “Allow apps to access your camera” as enabled and make sure that Skype has the permission too.

4. Make a Free Test Call in Skype

Once you have worked on the methods mentioned above, try a test call to check if your voice is working correctly. You can do it by directly hitting the Make a free test call icon which is at the bottom in the Audio settings window.

Check Bandwith Usage

Also, you can use the Echo/sound test service to your contacts and call. It’ll record your voice after a beep and then plays your message back to you. Skype test call ensures that your speakers, microphone and connection are working correctly.

5. Check Bandwith Usage

You’re Skype might not be working well if you are overloading the usage of your network. It can be due to downloading or installing any large files or steaming large files and videos.

Check Bandwith Usage

If your Skype video or audio has poor quality, try to stop any downloads and place the Skype call again. Your Skype call now works correctly if the issue was with your network.

6. Reinstall Skype

If none of the solutions work well for you, then the only option to get your Skype working properly is by reinstalling the app. You have to remove Skype from your app store and reinstall from there itself. Once it is reinstalled, you’ll have to reset all your Skype configurations. Resetting these settings will resolve all your Skype issues.

Make sure that you download and install the latest version of Skype from the Download Skype page.

Great! Verify that your microphone and webcam (if any) is adequately connected to your system and once again do a test call to see if everything is fine. Well, if everything is working fine from your Skype, then the problem might be with the other person’s Skype.  Have any other issues in your Skype? Let us know in the comments section below.

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