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Knowing how to close Skype account helps you save valuable info. You can delete your Skype account permanently, only when you follow the method below.

Several Skype users who delete their Skype accounts complain that it remains visible even after.

That’s right. Deleting a Skype account permanently is not so simple. Nonetheless, we’ve broken down the solution in simple steps.

From profile details and personal information to Skype number and payment subscriptions, here’s how you get rid of Skype in all respects.

How to Remove Skype Profile Details Before I Close My Skype Account?

Before you learn how to close the Skype account, you need to remove personal details from your Skype profile.

Start with changing your profile picture. Change it to any other picture. You can also click on the My Info tab on Skype and select the option – Remove Profile Picture.

In the same tab, you can update your status by, well, clearing it out. Delete your last status and leave it blank. Then, enter a mood message to keep the status visible.

Change your Skype Status into offline or invisible. Go to My Info and select the Status tab. Click on File and then select Change Status option. Now, set your status as Offline from the options.

Before you close your Skype account, you should sign out of Skype on all your devices as well.

How to Delete Personal Info on Skype?

How to Delete Personal Info on Skype?


For few days, after closing your Skype account, your Skype profile may remain visible in the Skype directory.

You can delete your personal info as mentioned above. You must ensure all your personal information gets deleted before closing the account.

Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Skype account online
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Click on Edit Profile (under Settings and Preferences headline)
  • Click the Edit tab in the Personal Information section
  • Remove all details one by one
  • Most importantly, remove the information in Contact Details
  • Click on Save before returning

Keep in mind that your Skype name will remain the same. You cannot edit it.

CAUTION: Skype Account vs. Microsoft Account

Did you use your Microsoft Account to sign up for Skype? If so, closing your Skype account will delete the Microsoft account linked to it.

And, you don’t want this. Your Microsoft account holds valuable information on Outlook, your Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services.

Be cautious before deleting any Skype account. Make sure you unlink your Microsoft account before closing the Skype account.

Check out the steps below to unlink your Microsoft account from your Skype account.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently?

How to Delete Personal Info on Skype?

Follow these simple steps to delete your Skype account once and for all.

  • First, you need to sign in to your Skype account at com.
  • On your webpage, you scroll down to the bottom to view Settings and Preferences list and click Account Settings
  • Click the option to “unlink” your Microsoft account
  • A confirmation message is displayed. Click “Continue” to confirm the unlinking action.
  • Now, go to your Skype application on desktop or smartphone
  • In Skype account settings, click on the subscription
  • Click on the blue bar to the left to cancel the subscription
  • Double-click on Cancel Subscription to continue
  • Another prompt pops up. You need to click on – Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel
  • After you’ve successfully canceled your Skype subscription, fill out an online form for cancellation and refund

If you have purchased a Skype number, you can cancel it before closing the account.

  • In your Skype account, click on the Skype Number in Manage Features section
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Cancel Skype Number link

You can also disable Auto-Recharge option to stop recurring payments done to your Skype credit. Click on Billings & Payments, disable the option from its status link.

Can I Reactivate My Deleted Skype Account?

If you want to reopen a closed Skype account, sign in again within the next 60 days.

On your request, Skype shall cancel the closure. Your account will be reinstated and reactivated within hours. And, everything will be as same as the day you closed it.

Make sure you sign in within 60 days. If you exceed this waiting period, your Skype account gets deleted permanently. You cannot retrieve any data or credit after the waiting period. All your information available to Skype gets cleared out permanently.

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