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Skype Classic 7.0 desktop application will no longer be supported by Microsoft post November 1, 2018.

Originally, Skype Classic 7.0 was scheduled to end by September 30, but due to user complaints, it has been delayed over to November 1.

The company will also turn down the support for Skype Classic mobile and tablet users by November 15.

Microsoft delayed the cutoff of the classic version after receiving backlash from users when it released a significant update with Skype 8, dropping some main Skype features.

One of the users made a petition stating “Keep the desktop version of Skype alive for professional users.” This petition has racked up to 1000 signatures.

Microsoft officially announced stating “We’re continuing to work on your most requested features,” further added “Recently we launched call recording and have started to roll out the ability to search within a conversation.

You’ll soon be able to add phone numbers to existing contacts, have more control over your availability status, and more.”

Microsoft is rolling out some more Skype features with its 8.0 version including free HD video calls, screen sharing call and the allowing you to share photos and videos and other data up to 300 MB.

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