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On the June 2017, Skype came up with a significant update which includes the “Highlights feature,” a highly awkward attempt to duplicate Snapchat. Angry customers did not resonate with the update stating it to be “Stupid” and the “worst update ever.”

What Went Wrong With The New Skype?

Blowing up Skype’s features with substantial design changes led to over-complicating the core purposes. Making calls became harder to execute, which mainly upset the users. And their discontent is justified, considering how people widely use Skype to make video/voice calls and sending messages.

“It Will Be Different This Time,” says Microsoft

Microsoft accepted that the main aspects of Skype were profoundly affected due to this update. Mr. Peter Skillman, the design director for Skype and Outlook, promised to maintain simplicity and connect to the Skype legacy in the coming day. He said that the upcoming simple design will be easy for deep-rooted Skype users to understand.

On receiving the trash comments and feedback from customers, Microsoft has redesigned Skype once again and has decided to delete the ‘Highlight’ feature (it allowed users to post photos during calls/chats).

Skype designers will now mainly focus on its main aspects of calling and messaging.

Skype to Balance Multi-functionality and Simplicity

In the coming days, you can easily access Skype with just three buttons – one each for Chats, Calls, and Contacts. These buttons are on the top left of the window.

The Capture feature will disappear as well. Microsoft plans to remove overused as well as underused features to level out Skype’s core capacities. Skype user can also get rid of the new decorative theme, and restore the Skype Classic blue theme.

Microsoft, will eventually cut support for version 7 and deliver critical features. This version failed to include in the new Skype features, which include –

  • a split window view on Windows 10,
  • search a specific message within chat,
  • simple access to add a phone number as a contact, and
  • adjusting font sizes for conversations, among others

You can recover your old Highlights before September 30. And, the new changes land in Skype version (8.29) for iOS, macOS, Android, Linux and Windows 7 to 8.1 operating systems.

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