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Recently, people have reported a problem related to Windows 10 login screen not showing up. On startup, when you try to log in, windows 10 login prompt does not appear.

When you boot your PC, the user and password prompt does not appear; hence, there is no way to access the desktop.

Windows 10 login screen

Regardless of the number of user accounts, there is no way you can log in using the affected device.

Discussed herein are some of the methods you can use to solve the problem of Windows 10 no login screen.

#1: Access Windows through Safe Mode

If your login screen is missing due to a malicious app or a broken process, then you should start your computer through Safe Mode.

To achieve this, follow the below method.

  • Press and hold Shift Key button and Power button. Another screen will pop up.
  • When you see Troubleshoot interface,

  • Click on Advanced Options-Startup Settings
  • Then Restart.

While the PC restarts, choose the option to enter “safe mode.”

From the interface, start the computer in safe mode from the Windows Recovery environment. Then, log in and uncheck “Safe Boot.” after this process, enter a password to log in successfully.

Hint: From safe mode, you can scan the system to address the possible errors through the following process automatically.

  • To use this method, open elevated windows, then right-click on the Windows Start icon and click on command prompt
  • From the cmd window, type sc/scanow and then press enter
  • Wait until the scan is complete. Note it will take a while depending on the number of files saved on the device
  • Reboot the system to complete the process

#2: Using Command Prompt to Solve Windows 10 No Login Screen

You can resolve windows 10 login screen does not appear through command prompt. To achieve this, follow the below procedure.

  • From startup screen, click on Power and then press Shift key continuously from the keyboard. From the pop-up window, click on Restart
  • Click on Troubleshoot, and then select Advanced Options a new interface will appear
  • From the new window, click on the command prompt
  • From the window, perform the following command: Net user Administrator/active: yes
  • Then Reboot your PC

#3: Create a New User Account

You can resolve windows 10 no login screen after sleep through creating a new user account.

I only recommend this process is your user account was corrupted. Since your windows 10 login screen is still missing, you can complete this troubleshooting operation through Safe Mode.

To achieve this, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter safe mode through the above-explained process
  2. Then press Windows Key+I dedicated keyboard hotkeys
  3. From the System Settings, click on Accounts
  4. From the left panel, click on Family and other users
  5. Follow the screen prompts from the next window and register a new account
  6. The above process should solve the Windows 10 login screen

#4: Use Start-up Repair

If the above-explained processes are not working, then you can initiate a start-up process.

Note: You can choose to run a System Restore Repair before you repairing windows 10 platform. To achieve this, create an installation media and initiate the process through the following:

  • From Boot Screen Settings, click on Power icon, while pressing and holding the Shift Key and click on Restart
  • Select Troubleshoot and go to Advanced Options
  • Use System Restore and follow on-screen prompts to complete the process
  • If this process does not work, then complete the startup repair instead

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