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Before you go for paid software that cleans up Windows Registry on your PC, take a look at the best free picks.

You can choose from twenty different registry cleaners that are free to download and compatible for Windows 10 as well as earlier versions.

Why Clean Registry on Windows 10?

But before you choose the best tool to clean the registry, you need to figure out what to look for. The main purpose of cleaning registries is improving your PC’s performance.

A clean registry takes up few resources, consumes minimum CPU, and avoids Windows 10 from freezing.

At the same time, cleaning a registry can help you avert interference from third-party programs. You can also free up space used by similar registries.

For selecting the best registry cleaner on Windows 10, one must look for –

  • Quick scans
  • Options to create Registry restore points
  • Backup
  • Easy process to undo changes
  • Advanced notifications on system errors
  • No damage to correspondent programs

Based on these factors, you’ll find the perfect free registry cleaner for Windows 10 from the tools listed below.

1. Easy Cleaner


Starting off with the tiny tools, Easy Cleaner is a registry cleaner minimalistic design and user interface.

You can free disk space, speed up your PC, and remove invalid registry entries. Apart from that, Easy Cleaner can also duplicate files and clean a dirty Windows Registry from time to time.

To download Easy Cleaner, click here

2. JetClean


BlueSprig offers comprehensive cleaner software for Windows 10. With JetClean, you can clean registries, RAMs, apps, and more.

JetClean manages your registries and has tools to clean them. The registry cleaning process is faster with JetClean. However, you can’t repair registry entries.

And, like any freeware, you may also get a bunch of adware during installation.

JetClean can create shortcuts for instant cleaning. It offers more options to optimize the security of your Windows 10 computer.

To download JetClean, click here

3. Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner

You get a compact wizard such as Argente Registry Cleaner for free. The v3.1.2.0 of this registry cleaner comes in handy to check system errors on Windows 10 with ease

Argente Registry Cleaner offers –

  • automatic backups
  • multiple levels of registry scanning
  • option to turn on ‘Auto-maintenance Mode’
  • ease while undoing changes

However, the software is a bit complicated to navigate. The good thing is you can restore necessary registries if they get deleted with this tool.

To download Argente Registry Cleaner, click here

4. CCleaner


At number 4, CCleaner comes forth as the best registry cleaner for Windows 10. You may not look any further unless you want a tool that’s simple and easy to install.

Installation and setup for CCleaner may become tricky. But, once it gets running, you can practically lighten up Windows 10 to a significant extent.

CCleaner can create registry backups, fix entries with automated tools, and change keys & values of multiple entries at once.

To download CCleaner, click here

5. WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

The WinUtilities Free software is a lot more than registry cleaner. You can use the additional tools and scanning options to fix other system errors on Windows 10.

Cleaning registries with this software may take more time; the process is systematic. You can also create restore points before cleaning any registry.

These restore points are automatically removed after a certain number of days. The tool works best on Windows 8 and 64-bit Windows 10.

To download WinUtilities Free, click here

6. Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare

Similar to WinUtilities, the Advanced SystemCare software is a complete system scanner. You can fix a lot more than registries. The UI for this tool is intuitive, thanks to IObit developers.

Despite being advanced, the tool is easy to use. It automatically restarts your PC after cleaning registries, which is good for improving system performance.

However, you must check and uncheck several scanning options for cleaning a particular type of registry or system error.

To download Advanced SystemCare, click here

7. Auslogics Registry Cleaner


It is a simple and efficient Windows registry cleaner tool. The colored severity rating is a great way to understand registry errors and bad sectors.

Unlike other registry cleaners, this tool can show in advance how a particular cleanup can impact your PC’s performance. It also shows the best and worst outcomes of registry cleaners.

However, there’s no option for backup or restoration, so you have to make an informed decision while cleaning registries with Auslogics’ tool.

To download Auslogics Registry Cleaner, click here

8. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise offers a top-rated disk cleaner and registry repair tool. The program can scan registries faster than scheduled scans. You can also simultaneously clean multiple registries.

The tool can further link the performance of cleaned up registries. You can also place updates, schedule scans, and clearly separate unsafe registries from damaged registries.

To download Wise Registry Cleaner, click here

9. Registry Life

Registry Life

ChemTable Software gives you Registry Life, a tool to run system cleanups easily. The wizard is user-friendly and navigate-ready.

With Registry Life, you can –

  • clean registries without delay
  • defrag registries before cleanup
  • boost run-time during startup

The occasional ads will turn you down, though.

Registry Life also works better on 32-bit Windows 10. And, there are a few issues with the tool’s startup optimizer for Windows 10 systems.

To download Registry Life, click here

10 Pointstone System Cleaner

 Pointstone System Cleaner

It is a modern tool with the systemic interface. The Pointstone tool can clean registries without altering the values and keys. You can also use different options in this tool to clean registries over and over.

The tool is ideal for Windows 10 users looking at high scanning speeds. It can show ‘Damage Level’ to gauge the impact of registry cleanups on your PC’s performance.

You can restore the registries, and view them in various categories – based on the type of system error.

To download Pointstone System Cleaner, click here

11. Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor

There’s a decent registry cleaner embedded in this software suite by Kingsoft. The PC Doctor can help you clean registries in less than three steps. You can also spot the changes independent registries post cleanup.

PC Doctor allows you to –

  • schedule registry cleaning for any date
  • manually run the scans
  • remove dozens of errors in one scan

On top of that, you can use the registry cleaner on almost every Windows OS version out there, even the older ones.

To download PC Doctor, click here

12. jv16 PowerTools Lite

For a freeware, the jv16 PowerTools Lite is a great package. It is similar to WinUtilities. For registry cleaning purposes, it can quickly find same registry entries. Then, you can choose to delete them or retain a few.

You can also test the removal of those excess registries and decide which ones you want to remove. Besides registry cleaning, the freeware offers other scanning options to improve the performance of Windows 10 PCs.

To download jv16 PowerTools, click here

13. SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner is an impressive tool for standard registry cleaning. However, the extra scanning options can become too much for first-timers.

You can also run update checks, install clean software updates, and optimize program startups. Then again, SlimCleaner is a full-fledged system cleaner that offers more than you expect.

To download SlimCleaner, click here

14. Little Registry Cleaner

Little Registry Cleaner

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Little Registry Cleaner is packed with many scanning features and system cleanup options. You can use this tool as a starter for optimizing your PC’s performance.

On Windows 10, this tool can ignore certain files and registries to avoid deleting necessary entries. It creates backup for every cleanup, so restoring the changes is not a problem.

And, you also get a schedule of all registries cleaned, which helps you identify the damaged registries.

To download Little Registry Cleaner, click here

15. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

It looks like a PC maintenance tool, but the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is more of a portable version for its paid suite. The tool can be found in almost all “top” lists for registry cleaners online.

You can use it across all Windows OS. Other than that, it doesn’t have anything spectacular about it.

To download Eusing Free, click here

16. nCleaner

You can go for nCleaner – a simple registry cleaner. The design and features of this tool are so basic, you may feel like you’ve gone back to Windows 98.

nCleaner is compatible with Windows 10 but doesn’t contain any exciting features. You may get bugged by some adware, while the tool offers standard registry cleaning with backup.

To download nCleaner, click here

17. Secure Eraser

 Secure Eraser

This one is an advanced suite for registry cleaning. The Secure Eraser can basically remove anything and everything from your PC.

The good thing about this tool is that it ensures the removal of registries doesn’t adversely impact PC performance.

Windows users can get the best out of Secure Eraser – thanks to its in-depth system cleaning. You can get rid of bugs, faulty keys, inappropriate values, and other stuff from your registries.

The tool can also display your results online to help you view the scan outcomes whenever and wherever.

To download Secure Eraser, click here

18. ACleaner

It may look outdated, but ACleaner is a genuine registry repair tool. It does the job, without any fuss.

With ACleaner, it is easy to

  • clean dependent registries
  • restore with a few clicks
  • fix registries instead of removing them
  • bundle more scanning options during cleanups

ACleaner can also run a startup manager for your Windows 10 PC. With this feature, you can avoid Windows Registry from getting damaged by new programs.

To download ACleaner, click here

19. Free Error Cleaner

PCSleek has an easy-to-use registry cleaner called Free Error Cleaner. The tool only acts upon cleaning registries that triggered system errors. That’s a drawback, but at least, you get notified of system errors accurately.

The tool can also clean registries and create a watch list for the unsafe ones. You can also set search parameters and disable a few registries during the scans.

To download Free Error Cleaner, click here

20. Registry Fixer

Registry Fixer

It is the easiest registry scanner and cleaner. You can user Registry Fixer to run a few options that will repair your registries. However, the tool can’t outperform other software.

You can barely get more options with this software. Yet, it is a good choice for basic registry cleaning and system scanning.

To download Registry Fixer, click here

There you go! Twenty best and free registry cleaners for Windows. If you have some other free registry cleaners for Windows 10, you can suggest them in the comments. We will keep reviewing and adding the new free registry cleaners to this list.

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