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It becomes very annoying when you are keen to watch a video on youtube, and a video player pops up, and all you see is a black screen instead of a video.

This is a widespread issue where you can’t see any image for sometime, or the problem remains for all the while. The primary issue users face is the “Youtube Videos Black Screen” issue.

This issue does not let you see any videos, making you anxious to research and fix the issue as soon as possible.

So, Here we are with several useful solutions that may work well to function your YouTube videos without any disruption.

1. Disable the Hardware Acceleration Setting

Hardware acceleration allows the processing task to particular system hardware which results in better performance of the connected software.

However, on the other hand, Hardware acceleration may bring some issues and not let the YouTube videos play correctly. Let’s try to disable the hardware acceleration on the browser. Here’s how:

If you’re a Google Chrome user, click the menu icon and select Settings

  • To fix, YouTube black screen chrome
  • Go to the Show advanced settings
  • Under the system section, Untick the Use hardware acceleration when available

Disable the Hardware Acceleration Setting

  • Now, Reboot your browser

2. Install The Latest Version of Web Browser

An outdated version of Web browser may still use the Adobe Flash Player plug-in which does not support YouTube anymore. Resulting in YouTube videos black screen problem.

To update your Web browser, you have to Uninstall the old Web browser at first. Now, go to the official website and download and install the latest version on your system. Now, check if this fixes the problem

3. Refresh or Reload the Page

According to many users, just reloading the page gets the video to play. To reload the page, you can click on the Reload icon or even press F5 Key and check if the video plays usually.

If the problem still occurs, try to close and reopen your web browser. Your browser and open the YouTube video. Now check whether if the video plays normally.

4. Clear The Browsing Data from your Browser History

The browsing data on your browser history can pile up and make your browser puzzled up and cause YouTube videos to turn in to a black screen. It also changes the browser settings and further stop it to work well. So to clear the browsing data on your google chrome, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys together to open a data clearing window
  • Now, clear all the browsing data by setting your time range from the beginning of time till now
  • Choose all the items to clear
  • Click on Clear browsing data

Clear The Browsing Data from your Browser History

  • Now check if you can watch your youtube videos

5. Try Watching Videos With Another Browser

Sometimes the web browser you are using may not be compatible with the YouTube player, or there is an issue with the configuration, plugins or extensions.

Try to download and install a different web browser on your system and play a Youtube video on this browser and check if it works well. If it does, you may need to ask for help from the browser support

I hope the above solutions help you to enjoy and watch your favorite YouTube channel videos without any disruption. Let us know which of these solutions works well for you. Also, you can suggest some solutions for the same in the comment section below.

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