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Let’s welcome the all-new YouTube TV! As it is finally available, many people are looking at YouTube TV as a replacement for the normal cable TV. No doubt YouTube TV is a nightmare to the cable providers who used to rob users with heavy rentals and additional fees for HD services.

YouTube TV offers a bunch of extraordinary features compared to normal cable TV.

YouTube TV is offering the live television feature that you can access it on your phone, tablet or any streaming device without having to spend on a costly subscription.

You can now relish your favorite shows and movies on your device without any cable wire connection. No matter where you are, you can simply log in and start watching your favorite TV shows live on YouTube TV.

Now, before you cancel all your cable subscriptions, let’s explore a little more details about YouTube TV.

Activate YouTube

How Do I Access YouTube TV Service on My TV?

You can watch YouTube TV on the following supported TV devices:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One

To watch YouTube TV on the above-listed TV devices, you have to sign up for the free trial subscription of the service.

Later you can either tune in to your browser, i.e., or search for the YouTube TV app on your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Most of us use the Chromecast and Apple TV for watching YouTube videos on your TV by casting it from your phone or tablet. There is a firm app for YouTube TV on Android and Roku devices.

To access YouTube TV services, you need to have a subscription plan and a local ISP internet service plan.

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Why is the new YouTube Service Important?

YouTube Tv is already going to hit the market as it has a vast number of audience with over One billion users living in 88 countries and speaking 76 different languages.

The YouTube brand already has a large user base and now has attracted more than 8000000 customers by its free contract cable service and free subscription service on YouTube TV.

How is YouTube TV different?

YouTube TV service is exclusively available in the US, and you can watch all your on-demand movies and shows and also cable channels like FOX, ESPN, NBC and Disney and many more.

Although you have to pay a monthly rent for it just like the cable subscription, the significant difference is that you can see your favorite shows wherever and whenever you want!

YouTube TV also comes with a fantastic feature called Cloud DVR. The Cloud DVR allows you to record and save your favorite shows as they air so that you can watch these shows later.

YouTube TV offers you want unlimited storage of shows for nine months. Whereas, the competitors only promises you up to 28 days of storage capacity.

Another excellent reason for canceling your cable subscription is that you can access your YouTube TV services among six people in the family and three of them can use this service at once on the same account.

How Much YouTube TV will Cost Me?

YouTube TV costs $40 per month. The YouTube Cost is a few dollars lesser than the PlayStation Vue’s $45 per month subscription charges which only has local channels and is slightly costlier than the Sling TV’s $20 package.

What Channels are Accessible on YouTube TV?

All the general local channels like NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS and many more are on-board on YouTube Tv. Apart from the local channels, you also have DISNEY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, MSNBC, CBNC, ESPN, FOX Sports and many more.

There are additional charges for some premium channels. YouTube is missing out on a very few cable channels such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and HBO, but promises to be these on YouTube streaming TV soon.

What is the Difference Between YouTube TV and YouTube Red?

There is considerable confusion between the YouTube Red and YouTube TV. So here’s the answer to your confusion. YouTube Red is a YouTube version with extra features like it’s ad-free service and allows you to play the video while your phone is off.

YouTube TV doesn’t allow you to watch any cable content or YouTube live TV. It is only accessible on YouTube Tv.

What Do People say about YouTube TV?

The YouTube service is, of course, a fantastic service if you are already paying for internet services. You can watch your favorite shows whenever paying an extra amount of $30.

YouTube Tv provides you with almost all the content a cable TV service has. Whereas, comparatively Cable Services cost up to $60-70 per month.

YouTube is a win because YouTube TV offers as many channels in a cable service without any cable box and 12-month subscription.

The ability to enjoy your favorite shows wherever you want. Also, with Cloud DVR you can save the shows and watch later.

Youtube is available on all of the Smart TVs. Just visit to start with your free trial now!

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