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Microsoft is constantly working on improving Windows 10 performance by releasing the latest updates and features on a regular basis.

Yesterday, Microsoft released a major preview update with 15 bug fixes for Windows 10 PCs. This latest build is from the RS5 branch which is representing the upcoming Windows 10 update in October 2018. The company also plans to release the builds from ‘19H1’ branch by the first half of 2019.

So far, Microsoft has released five major updates for Windows 10:

  • November Update for PCs and Tablets
  • Anniversary Update
  • Creators Update
  • Fall Creators Update
  • April 2018 Update

The upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update will change the Windows 10 version to ‘1809’. The update will be finalized in September by the Windows Insiders and be available for end-users in October.

The Update has the Following Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Open or Save dialog error for the users that use multiple monitors. The Open or Save dialog elements used to become unexpectedly tiny when moved between monitors.
  • Fixed an issue where if you open one of the taskbars flyout (like volume or network), and suddenly tried to open another, it wouldn’t function.
  • Improved Narrator Selection while moving further in Microsoft Edge.
  • In recent flights, there was a high Task manager crash, which is now fixed.
  • There was an issue with the Verify link on the Accounts Settings page which is now Adjusted.
  • Fixed a problem where the built-in phrases for the Pinyin IME remained blank on the list of settings.
  • Solved the problem where the activation of Microsoft Edge history would not function in scan mode.
  • Enhanced and corrected the Apps and Features page that wouldn’t load until the list of apps was prepared and the page appears to be blank for a while.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser did not open when you click on web links such as Twitter (PWAs).
  • Fixed an issue where PWAs were not reading properly if the app has been stopped and resumed
  • Solved the problem for people who have multiple monitors where there was a settings crash for insiders when changing options under the Display settings.
  • Fixed an issue which questioned the reliability in Action center feature.
  • The build watermark is no longer present in this build at the lower right-hand corner of the It doesn’t mean that this the final build.
  • solved the problems with the crash in Microsoft’s Edge’s web note while using the pen to ink.
  • Corrected the launch and connecting issues with certain

Today the Windows 10 update bumps for The RS5branch 17751 (available to the testers on 31st August) to build 17754.

There are two issues in this build:

  • In the Settings app, the Narrator sometimes does not let you read when you use the Arrow and Tab keys. You will have to temporarily switch to Narrator Scan mode and turn it off again so as to make the Narrator read when you use the arrows and tab key. Also, you can restart Narrator to solve this issue.
  • There are text clipping issues while using the Ease of Access (Make Text Bigger) setting. The text does not increase in size everywhere.

However, don’t download these on your production machine as this build is for testing purpose only.

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