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Nvidia designs Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for the professional markets and gaming industry. Its primary GPU product line is labeled as “GeForce”. NVIDIA’s GeForce is an application which provides game optimization for graphics card users (GTX) and automatic driver updates.

Even though the application is very useful, as it keeps the drivers updated. It might cause a lot of problems as well. When GeForce is downloading the latest drivers, GeForce experience ‘Unable to connect to NVIDIA’ message. This may make some games unplayable.

Here are some fixes that can help you to solve the issue- “Unable to connect to NVIDIA ” error in Windows 10

NOTE: At times, the error is in the NVIDIA servers. The solution is to wait for a few hours or a day until the problem fixes itself. You can also manually download and update the drivers.

#1. Delete the File “NSManagedTasks.xml

This is the most useful solution for many users. You just have to delete the file “NSManagedTasks.xml” and restart your system to function the NVIDIA service.

Follow the steps given below to delete the file:

Delete the File “NSManagedTasks.xml

  • Press Windows + R key together
  • Type C:\ProgramData\Nvidia Corporation\NetService and hit Enter
  • In the File Explorer, Click on VIEW and search for Hidden Items option
  • Locate the file “NSManagedTasks.xml
  • Right click on NSManagedTasks.xml and Delete.
  • Hold ALT, CTRL and DELETE keys together
  • Choose Task Manager
  • Ensure that you are in the Details
  • Now, Navigate the NVNNetworkService.exe from the list of processes
  • Go to the NVNNetworkService.exe and click End Task
  • Enter Windows key + R
  • Type services.msc and Enter
  • Double-click on Nvidia Network Service
  • By clicking on the start button, you can start the service

#2. Download Automatic Driver Updates

Download the Automatic Driver Updates from the NVIDIA’s formal website. This service helps you to update your drivers automatically.

Click on Download in the “Automatic Driver Updates Section’’

Run the file and follow the on-screen instruction (if any)

This file updates your GeForce and solves the problem.

#3. Reinstall the Graphics Driver of NVIDIA

If you are still facing the “Unable to connect to Nvidia, try again later” error, after working on the above solutions, then you may have to reinstall the driver. To do so, download the Nvidia driver which is available on the official website of Nvidia.

Hope these solutions are useful for you.

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