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There is a vast number of iPhone and iPad owners who also use a Windows computer. Due to the same reason, Apple has developed iTunes for Windows in the early days of the iPod.

When it comes to Apple, iTunes has never been their most significant software. But they do understand the necessity of developing the cross-platform services. Now, since Apple prefers that you use iPhone or iPod with their own Apple computers, they haven’t exactly made a big official announcement for Windows iCloud version.

That’s why it is reasonable that you may not know you can use iCloud on your Windows PC. So if you’re using iOS and Windows both, we have compiled an essential guide on how to set up iCloud on Windows 10

1. Download and Install iCloud for Windows

As Apple didn’t make a press shout out about iCloud for Windows, some users may find it hard to download the iCloud for Windows 10 software from the Apple’s website. Here’s how to download and install iCloud on your Windows PC:

Download and Install iCloud for Windows

  • Download the iCloud for Windows by visiting this link
  • Follow the instructions for installing the package
  • Important: Sign-in using the same Apple ID username and password which you use in your Apple devices

2. Select What to Sync

iCloud for Windows offers you options on what to sync. You may not want to sync all the different bases which iCloud covers to your Windows PC. Select the ones that are applicable and click on the “Apply” button.

Select What to Sync

The program supports iCloud drive, iCloud photos and bookmark syncing from safari to Internet Explorer. It can also help you combine your contacts and calendars.

3. Adding iCloud to Quick Access Panel

The iCloud drive does not add to your Quick Access Panel in File Explorer automatically. Here’s how you can do it manually:

  • The iCloud Drive folder will be present in your PC’s main User folder, for example, C:/Users /Jessica/iCloud drive
  • Go to the director’s location in File Explorer
  • Search for “iCloud Drive” folder and right click on it

Adding iCloud to Quick Access Panel

  • To have a permanent shortcut in the left-hand pane, choose Pin to Quick Access

The above steps will help you to access iCloud on Windows 10. We’ll keep a tab on latest developments in iCloud for Windows and continue providing updates and helpful guides for you.

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