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How to repeat YouTube videos? How to play YouTube on repeat mode is a most common question asked by the YouTube users online.

It often happens when you love a particular video so much that you watch it again and again on YouTube without getting bored. But if you don’t know how to play the YouTube videos on repeat, you’ll find it annoying to keep manually hitting the play or repeat button again and again.

YouTube automatically takes you to the next video when the current video is finished. And, if you want to watch the previous video, you have to manually press the back button. I’ve created this guide for you to save you from the annoyance of manually repeating videos on YouTube.

In this post, I’ll explain some easy ways to keep repeating YouTube video in a loop.

YouTube Loop: How to Repeat YouTube Videos?

Although it sounds like a regular task to put YouTube videos on repeat, it does takes some efforts to do so. There are three main easiest ways to loop a YouTube video, and they are entirely free.

Let us go through all three of them:

1. Right-click option in a Web Browser on Your PC

If you watch or listen to YouTube videos through any web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, you can use a menu on the YouTube website. Here’s how

  • Open your preferred Web browser and head to the official YouTube website
  • Click on YouTube video you want to play on repeat mode
  • Now, right-click on the video to open the options panel

Right-click option in a Web Browser on Your PC

  • You can see a Loop (first option) in this panel
  • Click on Loop option to make the video play on repeat mode, a tick will appear

Now the video will be played in a loop on YouTube. If you want to disable the loop, right click on the video again and click on Loop. The tick will disappear meaning the loop is disabled.

You can use this method only on Windows and Mac computers/laptops. If you want to play YouTube videos on the mobile browser, follow the next method.

2. Put YouTube Videos on Repeat with the ListenOnRepeat Website

If you want to put YouTube videos on the loop on your mobile phones where the hidden options menu is not available, try this website to do the work for you. This website is mainly designed to repeat a YouTube video and here’s how it works:

  • Open your Web browser
  • Search for the YouTube video you wish to keep on repeating and click on the Share button (in the video player)

Put YouTube Videos on Repeat with the ListenOnRepeat Website

  • Click on the video URL, starting with https://
  • Now, click on the Copy icon to save the video address on your device’s clipboard

Put YouTube Videos on Repeat with the ListenOnRepeat Website

  • Now go to in your browser
  • Once the website opens, tap on the search box (to the top of the page) and paste the video’s URL copied in the previous step

Put YouTube Videos on Repeat with the ListenOnRepeat Website

Note: On a mobile phone, press and hold on the search bar until a small menu appears with the Paste option. If you’re accessing this website on laptop or computer, press CTRL + V buttons on the keyboard to paste the saved URL.

  • Press Enter after adding the video URL in the search box
  • Now at the bottom, a list of videos will appear
  • Select the YouTube video to watch on repeat mode

Your favorite video or trailer is on loop now. You can use this method on almost devices including the computer, smartphone, and tablets which has a web browser installed.

3. Another URL Method to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat

This method is straightforward, as you just need to edit the URL and get your YouTube video on repeat. Follow the steps below to write the URL.

  • Open YouTube website on your browser and play the video you want to watch on repeat
  • Go to the browser address bar to edit the video URL
  • Delete all words that come before i.e. erase https://www
  • Now in the URL, manually type “repeat” after the Youtube, so the URL now becomes….

Another URL Method to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat

  • Now press Enter, and your browser opens a new page where your video is on loop until you close the page

Great! Keep watching your YouTube video on loop until you close the page. It is available on all the devices, and it also notifies the number of times you’ve watched the video.

For those who have iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, just download this free app called YouRepeat and play your YouTube video on loop mode.

Let us know which of the methods works the best for you in the comments section below.

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