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It’s time for you to turn your TV into the ultimate streaming device. You can get Google’s Chromecast device and use the digital media player to stream TV shows and movies on your TV.

Set up Chromecast on your TV with simple steps and enjoy videos in high-definition quality. Get the Chromecast dongle and convert your television set into a premium streaming platform.

Before I show you how to setup Chromecast on your TV in simple steps and quick method, let’s learn more about the trending digital media player – Google Chromecast.

What is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a dongle device and digital media player developed by Google. The dongle is compact, lightweight and comes with a USB cable. You connect the USB end to your TV or smart TV.

When you setup Chromecast on your TV, you can connect your TV to your Wi-Fi connection. Your TV gets access to the internet and so do you. Now, one can use the TV remote to navigate through Chromecast’s app.

I hadn’t used Chromecast and wasn’t in the know of its hidden features. There’s a lot that this streaming device offers to viewers. With Chromecast, you can –

  • View content in various digital media formats (4K, HD, Ultra-HD, etc.)
  • Watch web series, selected episodes and even movies from online video-streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Netflix, and more
  • Use the inbuilt Ethernet adapter of Chromecast dongle to stream content to other connected devices
  • Get assistance with ‘Ask Google’ feature – Chromecast syncs well with Google Home
  • Stream and watch VR content (with the Google VR headgear)

In addition to this, you can use Chromecast to broadcast your videos, pictures, audio files, and other media to Facebook, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Play Music, Pandora, and more platforms.

You can also use media management apps like Plex to stream music, photos, and movies. All this is enough to make me want to setup Chromecast on my TV right away!

How to Setup Chromecast on TV – Quickest Way

I believe you’d be interested too. Here’s the complete guide on how to setup Chromecast on your TV set and watch HD videos streamed over the internet.

1. Before You Get Started

Setting up Chromecast entails a minor prep work from the user. You need to check the following things before moving forward –

  • Check your TV for HDMI ports
  • If the ports are out of your reach, get an extra HDMI extender cable to connect the Chromecast dongle
  • Get the Chromecast dongle and place it near your TV
  • Plug in the dongle to your TV
  • Turn on your TV and power up the dongle
  • Power on your Wi-Fi router
  • Establish Internet access on your wireless network
  • Use an iOS or Android phone (device) to control Chromecast during setup

Once these things are covered, you can move on to the Chromecast setup shown below.

2. Google Chromecast Setup

Plug in the Chromecast dongle into your TV, enable the Internet on your wireless network and turn on your TV. The basic hardware setup of your Chromecast TV is complete.

  • Now, use your TV’s remote to open the source menu– switch to HDMI source
  • Once you switch to HDMI, the dongle displays setup instructions on your TV screen
  • Follow the setup guide step-by-step and download the Chromecast app on your TV

The download begins and Chromecast gets installed on your smart TV automatically. You can also use a smartphone or preferably any Android device to install the Chromecast player.

Alternately, you can log on ‘’ on your TV and complete the setup via the Google Home app.

3. Setup Chromecast on your TV with your Smartphone

Connect your smartphone (preferably Android) to your Wi-Fi connection, open a browser app and go to the above address.

  • Here, accept the Terms of Services on the Chromecast setup page. Tap the ‘Devices’ button and select your TV (connected via dongle). Enable the app to access your location.
  • If you have the Google Home app on your phone, the app begins syncing automatically.
  • Tap on ‘Setup’ and ‘Continue’ to proceed with the setup.
  • Now, the Chromecast dongle establishes connection and access to the Internet from your wireless network
  • Tap ‘Continue’ on your smartphone screen
  • At this moment, you see a code displayed on your TV screen and the smartphone
  • If they match, tap ‘I See the Code’ button on your smartphone screen
  • Enter a username for your Chromecast connection
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi by entering the password

The Chromecast setup is now complete. You can navigate on Chromecast with your smartphone app and watch video and audio content from online streaming services.

Pro Tips on How to Configure Chromecast to your TV

The Chromecast setup is fairly simple. But, you shouldn’t stop here. There’s so much more to discover when you use Chromecast for the first time.

Here are a few tips that can help you configure Chromecast setup perfectly on your home TV.

After connecting the Chromecast dongle and setting up the digital media player on your TV,

  • Change the configurations to improve streaming quality
  • Open the Chrome browser, search & download a large image, use your smartphone to set a new Chromecast wallpaper
  • Create playlists to group your favorite pictures, movies, episodes, and songs
  • Stream local files from your phone or connected devices on Facebook, YouTube, Google Cast, and other popular extensions
  • Cast your PC desktop screen and mirror your connected Android device
  • Use your Google Drive to download, save and play media files
  • Install game apps from Google Play Store and run several other compatible apps

There’s so much more than you can do with Google Chromecast on your TV. Share with us your experience on setting up Chromecast on your own television.

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