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Not sure which one is the best media player for Windows 10? Well, with so many options to choose from, anyone can get confused deciding which media player is actually best for Windows 10 PC.

It’s not that Windows 10 doesn’t have the built-in media player, but it may not be very useful all the times. Some videos or media files require special features for a smooth run, and sometimes Windows 10 default media player won’t support.

There are a lot of media players in the market that offer some unique features compared to the default Windows Media Player. Here in this post, we’ve shortlisted 12 best media players for Windows 10 based on their features and system requirements. Let’s check one-by-one.

1. VLC


If you’re using the computer for a while now, chances are that you already know what is VLC. VLC is a free media player which is around since 1996. It’s one of the most popular and widely used media player, even today. It surely has to be on the top of our best media players list.

VLC supports various file formats. It offers a flawless streaming and brings the best of media on your screen. Here are the other features:

  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Subtitles, an option to download subtitles online
  • Lightweight application, uses limited resources
  • Open source
  • Simple user-friendly interface

VLC media player has a massive number of users. Although it is an old software application, it still offers regular updates making your entertainment experience better.

2. RealPlayer


RealPlayer is another old but feature-rich media player which comes both in free and paid version in Windows.  The paid version offers some additional services like storage space for videos. Let us go through some of the main features of RealPlayer:

  • Provides you to save bookmarks.
  • You can store videos and share them via cloud service.
  • Stream your movies on HD TVs through RealPlayer.

RealPlayer is definitely on our top 12 lists for its comfortable and practical features for you to enjoy your movies without any interruption.

3. Plex Media Player

Plex Media Player

This new media player is booming in the market with its feature-packed services which are missing in some of the media players for Windows. It is both available in free version and a paid version for Windows.

The free version has basic features which are beneficial enough for your entertainment, whereas the premium version is packed with excellent features. Let us go through some of them:

  • You can pay for media servers.
  • Allows casting on individual devices.
  • Available on multiple platforms.
  • You can sync your content across devices.
  • Offers to pay for media servers.
  • Parental control.

These were only a few of them. We suggest you download it right away to explore more and enjoy your movies with this amazing media player.

4. GOM


It is one of the best alternatives for Windows Media Player for Windows and any other mainstream media player for any OS. Here, you can modify your displaying services. Although it does not have many extra features, it does offer you an efficient and straightforward movie watching experience. Some of the essential elements of Gom Media Player are:

  • Provides User Interface customization.
  • GOM supports multiple formats.
  • Searches the compatible codecs.
  • Massive support for operating systems.

Gom’s simplicity and functionality keep itself on our top 12 media players. You should surely download this software app to watch movies without any issues.

5. Spotify


Spotify is a music streaming application and is available on the Windows store. It regularly offers updates through the store and is absolutely free to use.  You can browse music by naming the title of the song, artist, genre or even record label. Let us see what more features do Spotify offer.

  • View album or artist info.
  • Save your Shazams to your playlist.
  • View album or artist info.
  • SoundHound for missing lyrics.
  • Recover deleted playlists.

You can also use Spotify application to play your locally stored content. This is the media player for you if you are a big music lover.

 6. UMPlayer


UMPlayer stands for Universal Media Player. It is mainly available for Windows and is accessible for its limited resource consumption service. Its decent features make the video player uncomplicated. UMPLayer has some essential elements including:

  • It is an open source video player.
  • Vast support for different file formats.
  • Supports multiple codecs.
  • Select media source from different media apps.

These efficient features make UMPlayer on our top 12 list. One more good news is that it is absolutely free of cost!

 7. DivX Player


DivX Player is a misconception by people that it only supports a specific file format which is entirely wrong as it helps every old and new video format file. It is loaded with a lot of features which allows the users to have a fantastic time watching their favorite movies.

Let us see what this feature-packed app has to offer us:

  • There are a lot of audio playback options.
  • Allow you to switch between chapters and supports FF/RW.
  • Has a built-in server for devices with DLNA.
  • Offers you organize your playlist.

It is now clear that the DivX player has excellent features supporting both audio and video formats. Do have a look at this software application on your Windows store.

8. Media Player Classic


No, this one isn’t a default media player in Windows. However, it does functions similar to the old Windows Media Player. It is again very popular for its lightweight feature and some of the very unique features which you will enjoy on your Windows system.

Let us take note of these features mentioned below:

  • Has a classic portable version also, which does not require installation.
  • Allows modification via skins and toolbars.
  • Built-in codec support.

The Media Player Classic is definitely the one for people who wants to watch movies on a media player which supports every video format and offers you to customize your User Interface.

 9. KMPlayer


This player is one of the oldest media players on Windows system. Although, earlier it had only a few basic features, now has a vast number of elements having a massive amount of fan base.  The best part about the KMPlayer is that you can enjoy all the services and features in the free version itself. Let us see what these features are:

  • KMPlayer is absolutely free and has no price tag.
  • Supports 3D file formats.
  • Also supports high-resolution videos like UHD and QHD.

What else a movie lover wants? You should surely try on this free software app.

 10. Potplayer

Although, the name sounds a little odd for a Media player but has excellent features for watching movies. It is one of those few applications that still has support for Windows XP. This versatile player is famous for its fantastic programming on Windows 20/8/7 using limited resources on your system. Here are a few notable features of Potplayer:

  • Potplayer doesn’t require powerful hardware.
  • You can use hardware acceleration for a better experience.
  • Supports all OS versions.
  • Has a 3D-centric feature.
  • Potplayersupports various codecs.

This is a must-have media player as it is absolutely free and is one of our favorite picks for the best media player for Windows.

 11. 5KPlayer


This new media player and one of the main features falls with its name as it supports 5k video playback. Its powerful support does not affect your PC’s resources in any way. You may find some difficulties initially while exploring the application.

But once you know all the features and User Interface, there is no looking back from this media player. We have mentioned some main features of 5KPlayer below:

  • Supports almost all the video formats.
  • The 5KPlayer doesn’t take up your resources.
  • Allows you to download videos from YouTube.
  • 5K video playback is the best feature.

The only disadvantage we have with this software is that it is quite complicated to understand the program initially.

12. SMPlayer


This video player provides you the optimal vision in watching videos or movies. It brings a mixture of smart and straightforward features on your screen with all the needful aspects and hey! It is also free of cost! Some additional features of SMPlayerare :

  • You can play videos straight from YouTube.
  • User Interface can be customized.
  • Has built-in codec support.
  • Supports subtitles
  • Has built-in codec support.
  • Can use hardware acceleration.

SMPlayer is another open source media player where others can propose additional features to make it a better media player.

That’s it! These are our 12 best picks for Media players for your Windows system. We’re sure that you can now pick your favorite and enjoy your favorite movies with any of these media players on your desktop.

Let us know your favorite media player or if you have any doubts related to this article in the comments section below.

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