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Facebook doesn’t allow you to access full website version on your mobile and redirects you to the mobile version.

However, this is because Facebook web version requires high-speed internet usage and the mobile version functions according to your device to retain smoothness.

Sadly, Facebook’s mobile version has limited functions. It also won’t let you use the messenger until you have a separate app called Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone.

In this article, we have some simple methods which work fine to force your web browser to open the Facebook Full website on mobile.

Methods to Open Full Desktop Version of Facebook on Your Mobile

There are three methods to access Facebook Full Website. Although all three methods are workable, you can choose any one which works the best for you.

1. Using URL

This method can open the Facebook desktop website on almost any device with just entering a URL link on the search bar of your browser. The URL is It is the official URL of Facebook. Follow the below steps to enter this URL:

  • Open any of your browsers and enter the above URL

Using URL

  • If you are not logged in, you can again see the mobile version. Now, log in to the Facebook to see a full website version of Facebook
  • Bookmark the above link to use it in the future. Also, ensure to use home.php each time you wish to access the facebook desktop website.

The above method is the easiest and 100% working solution to access the full website version on your mobile.

2. Using the Browser Built-in Function

This method is available on almost every popular browser like the Chrome or Safari. Let’s go through the following steps to use the Browser Request feature:

  • Open your Web browser on your smartphone
  • Click on the three dots which is on the top right on the browser screen
  • Choose the Request Desktop Site option from the list

Using the Browser Built-in Function

  • Now, enter in the address box

Great! Its done. Now, you can easily open full Facebook website on your mobile browser.

Let us know which of the above two methods you found more convenient. Also feel free to drop down your queries and suggestions in the comments section below.

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