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Are you searching for the best sites for downloading music for free? The music streaming apps like iTunes or Spotify can help you enjoy your favorite music on the go but they only allow to stream music in the online mode.

You might want to download your favorite songs so that you can listen to them whenever you want without having to connect to the Internet.

Now, there are a lot of sites online that allow the free downloading of the music, but you’ll need to be careful while using such websites. Most of the free music download websites can be illegal and spammy.

This is why we have researched and handpicked 15 free music download sites that are entirely legal. These websites offer the best quality music that you can download and enjoy them offline forever. So, let’s see.

How to Download Music For Free?

To make it comfortable for you, we have compiled all the best free music websites and mentioned their links below. Just visit the link and search for the track you want to download and hit the download button.

Done! Your song will now be saved in your playlist, and you can play it whenever you want.

Now, here are the Best Websites to Download Music for Free

1. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a popular music streaming site which also allows you to download SoundCloud tracks for free. SoundCloud is open source website where you can search for your favorite DJ’s remix which they have uploaded.

You can type the title of the track or the name of the band or artist in the search bar.

However, you can only download tracks which are allowed by the artist, or some want you to like their Facebook page and hit the download button.

While most of the tracks are available for free all you need to do is hit the Free Download icon.

Visit SoundCloud here

2. Amazon

amazon music

Amazon has to be on our top best free music downloading websites list when it comes to music. It offers you the best collection of music and thousands of free music downloads. It ensures that all the free music downloads are entirely legal and bug-free.

Amazon has a fantastic user interface where it has arranged all the categories based on genre, popularity, artist, album or even the release date. You have to select the track you want to save and hit the Free icon to add it to your purchase cart.

Once you have chosen all the tracks you wish to save, Click on Place your order. It will take you to the link from where you can download. Amazon is one of my personal favorite picks for downloading free music.

Visit Amazon here

3. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive


You should surely visit this website when you want to download from millions of audio, podcasts, radio programs, music, and even the Live Music Archive. You get to download music by the most significant artists like John Mayer, Coldplay, Chainsmokers and so on.

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive provides multiple file formats to download free music. You have to choose from the Download Options icon from the download page.

Visit Internet Archive’s Audio Archive here

4. Jamendo


Find all the latest hits and download it to your music library list right from Jamendo. All the music available on Jamendo for downloading are made available by the artist. Some of the main features of Jamendo are-

  • They have the latest music filter to download the recently added songs
  • You can find a vast collection of music by listening to them on Jamendo radio channels
  • You can download a single track or the entire album by searching for the artist you like
  • Jamendo has an excellent user interface as they provide you with amazing playlists to download from, for example- Best of December, Valentine’s day or Best of Rock

To make downloading more manageable for you, Jamendo is available as a free app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Visit Jamendo here

5. Audiomack


Audiomack is known as the best alternative for SoundCloud. You can see a well-organized web page of Audiomack. Let us know more about it-

  • There are many categories of music to download from including Top Songs, Top Albums and Trending
  • It also makes it easier for you to search for music under these categories. For example- in the trending music, you can choose from electronic, Hip Hop and Romantic
  • Most of the artists offer their mixes and tracks for free downloading
  • You can also stream millions of tracks through the Audiomac website on your phones, PC or tablets.

However, not all the music on Audiomac is for free to download, but you can stream all the tracks for free on the application.

Visit Audiomack here

6. CCTrax


CCTrax is another excellent platform to stream and download music from an extensive collection. It has an attractive and useful layout for you to search music easily and download them.

You can search music from different categories like- genre, artist, label or license. You don’t have to create a CCTrax account to listen or download any music from CCTrax.

CCTrax has a unique set of music collection with its techno, ambient, deep house and electro music.

Visit CCTrax here

7. NoiseTrade


Enter your email address, zip code and download from thousands of free tracks. NoiseTrade is one of the most efficient websites. Here’s why-

  • You can download the whole album together
  • You can hear and preview the tracks before downloading
  • Includes audiobooks and ebooks
  • You can also tip the artist to appreciate them

NoiseTrade has all the features and services one wants from a free music downloading website.

Visit NoiseTrade here

8. SoundClick



SoundClick allows you to find and download music from the artist’s website directly. There are thousands of signed and unsigned musicians who provide their music for free. Let’s get to know some features of SoundClick-

  • SoundClick provides a massive collection of genres to choose from
  • You don’t have to create a user account to download or listen to any music
  • Offers you music from signed and unsigned artists

Although, all the tracks available on SoundClick are not free to download they provide excellent discounts and deals.

Visit  SoundClick here

9. was an old internet radio station which was then adopted by Audioscrobbler. It isn’t that popular as a free music download website but has to be on our top list for its excellent features. Let’s check them out-

  • You do not have to enter your personal information and create an account to download tracks
  • You can download your favorite track and save it in your playlist forever with just one click
  • There are multiple ways to browse music

You should surely visit if you want to download tracks in MP3 format. However, you may find it tricky to search for free music only.

Visit here

10. Musopen


Musopen doesn’t only allow you to stream and download from thousands of available free music. However, it also has an online radio for streaming classical music on its application.

You can listen to all the tracks available on Musopen without having to log-in. You need to create a user account to download any free music. Some of the main features of Musopen are-

  • You can download up to five free tracks every day
  • Offers you excellent sound quality
  • You can preview the music before downloading it
  • Has an online radio option
  • All the tracks available on Musopen are free to download

Music downloading process for Musopen takes a little longer time. Nevertheless, it is entirely free.

Visit Musopen here

11. DatPiff


Datpiff is a best friend for all the hip-hop and mixtapes lovers. It is an opensource website where you can’t only stream and download famous music. However, you can also check out some new tracks from artists who want to be famous. DatPiff has a basic, yet efficient user interface as you can search from the following categories-

  • Most downloaded
  • Most listened
  • Top rated
  • Trending this week

DatPiff mainly focuses on providing you famous rap songs by Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and such other rap artists.

Visit DatPiff here

12. Youtube


YouTube is the biggest platform where artists share their music. Not all the music on YouTube is legal and free to download, but you can find them by searching them on different channels.

You can enter Creative Commons videos only and get filtered search results for free music. You can also download certain YouTube songs with its video with a YouTube to MP3 Downloader.

We suggest you try out the other websites on the list as finding free music download is difficult, and they can be only played with video.

Visit YouTube here

13. ReverbNation


We all have a favorite set of music and keep on searching new music of that type. Well, if you are one of us, you should surely visit ReverbNation as it has given an excellent platform to famous artists like Imagine Dragons.

All the songs available on ReverbNation are streamable. You can see a small download icon next to the track available for download.

You can search for music by its genre, and you can use the Discover page tool to look for new music downloads

You’ll have to create a user account to download music. However, not all the music on ReverbNation is for free.  Visit ReverbNation here.

14. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is a bidding music download website. You can pay for the music you want to download or even keep it to Zero. There is a “name your price” setting where you can choose to pay whatever amount and download the track. There are thousands of tracks which are free to download.

So, to download- Search for the track > Click Buy Digital Track> enter 0 (zero) in the box> hit the Download to your computer button> Click on Download and finally hit the Download button.

You can also download all the songs from an album, by clicking on Buy Digital Album without having to create a user account.

Visit Bandcamp here

15. Epitonic

Epitonic has to be on our top sites to download music for free. It is one of the oldest free MP3 websites and still offering with latest and classic MP3 tracks to stream and download.

You can search your favorite tracks, download them and create your personalized playlist in Epitonic website itself. You’ll have to create a user account to enjoy all its services.

Epitonic has an old, yet practical, user-friendly interface to make searching, streaming and downloading process easier for you.

visit Epitonic  here

That’s all! You can easily stream and download music using these websites that are entirely copyright-free, legal and free.

Let us know which your go-to website is when you want to stream and download music in the comments section below.


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