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SoundCloud is a popular audio sharing application which allows its users to share, upload and even promote music. One of the most attractive features of SoundCloud is that you can download music straight to your music collection.

It can be your favorite DJ’s mix or a song you want to listen on loop even when you are on offline mode. Although, there are end numbers of applications available to help you download music from SoundCloud. However, switching between third-party apps may get a little hectic.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to download songs from SoundCloud to your Music library list.

How to Download Songs from SoundCloud?

Well, there are many ways to download your favorite music or even playlist from SoundCloud. SoundCloud itself offers you the Download option if the artist has given all the permission for you to download the producer’s file. Before wasting any time, let’s go through all the methods and see which one works the best for you.

Make sure that you are logged-into your SoundCloud account, before trying out any of the methods below.

1. Download Music From SoundCloud Directly.

For those who don’t know, SoundCloud offers you to download music directly from its official application. It is only valid if the artist permits and makes the content available for you to download.

You have to download music from SoundCloud on your website browser only as it doesn’t work on your SoundCloudmobileapp. Visit the website on your mobile web browser to download music on your phone.

Download Music From SoundCloud Directly.

Search and play the track mix or podcast you want to download and scroll down and hit the Download button (to the bottom). It is the only official way you can use to download music from SoundCloud.

Although this process seems to be convenient and comfortable, it comes with many limitations. You can only download one track a time, downloading a playlist from SoundCloud is next to impossible.

It may even take you to any third-party websites which may charge you to download music.  So let’s get started with some tricky methods to download music available on SoundCloud.

2. Download Music on SoundCloud using a Browser Extension

Well! It is undoubtedly our favorite methods to easily download music from SoundCloud.  To find the perfect SoundCloud downloader browser, find for ‘SoundCloud downloader’ and choose the best one for you according to its reviews and features.

Our best pick for sound downloaders is the SoundCloud Downloader Free which is free for Chrome and SDCL for Firefox. Here’s how it works-

1)    Install the browsing extension

2)    Search for the track you want to download

3)    Hit the Download icon (below the track) to download a track

Download Music on SoundCloud using a Browser Extension

4)    To download the entire playlist, click the Download icon (to the top)

Done! Your favorite playlist or tracks have been downloaded from SoundCloud to your music list using these browser extensions. However, you should be careful while downloading large files as browser extensions may infect your system.

3. Download Music through a Third-party website

In this method, you don’t have to struggle and install and download and all of that. As all you have to do is finding the track which you want to download from SoundCloud and copy its URL.

There are hundreds of websites that assures you to download your favorite tracks. One of our favorite third-party website for downloading music is KlickAud. Let’s do it-

1)    Search for the track you wish to download and copy its URL

2)    Open the KlickAud website

Download Music on SoundCloud using a Browser Extension

3)    Paste the URL and tap on the Download icon

Just sit back and relax as your favorite track is on the download process now and may take a few minutes.

Good Job! You can now enjoy your favorite SoundCloud track even on offline mode and can share it with your friends easily. We suggest you study and check for a bug-free and trusted downloader website if you frequently download tracks from SoundCloud using third-party websites.

Have any other issues related to SoundCloud? Drop-down your queries in the comments section below.

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