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When your Windows computer becomes slow, you generally open Task Manager to check the list of programs running on your computer.

But, what to do when you see 100% disk usage in the Task Manager? How to fix this high disk usage problem and get back your PC on its track?

Many of the users have complained that after upgrading to Windows 10, their computer speed has bogged down. They have even noticed that the physical disk drive is using 100% disk storage capacity.

Though it seems to be far away from reality, unfortunately, the users have witnessed this dramatic situation.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the reasons for 100% disk usage in Windows 10 and how to fix the issue.

What is the cause behind 100% disk usage in Windows?

Blame it on instant messaging service Skype or leading browser Google Chrome or Print Spooler or BITS, the list is endless. Though disabling these services can be an option, but it may warrant unwanted consequences.

For example, if you disable Print Spooler, you won’t be able to print to document until you enable the command.

The best solution is to search the main cause behind it (which may be an application or Window component) and fix it.

How to Fix 100% Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10?

In order to fix the bug, open the task manager in Windows 10 and find out the applications and services that are consuming high disk storage space.

 1. If Google Chrome is at Fault: Ways to Fix High Disk Usage by Chrome

In case, Google Chrome is taking up more space, it means the webpage pre-load feature is to be blamed to. You can dock it off by:

  • Going to the Setting options and clicking Advanced setting and then click on Privacy.
  • Under Privacy and security section, toggle off the option “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly

This will disable the prefetch function in Google Chrome. Once it is done you are good to go.

 2. If Skype is at Fault: Ways to Fix High Disk Usage by Skype

The Skype users should follow the below-mentioned steps in order to utilize this application fully.

  • Click on Skype app and on the extreme right side there is an option called Skype wherein there is a heading Close Skype
  • Open My Computer and set yourself to C:/program files (x86)/Skype/Phone
  • Now click on Skype.exe and go to the Properties
  • Under the Security tab you’ll see an All Application Packages, now click the Edit.
  • Next, tick All application package and Allow checkboxes to Write permission
  • Click to Save and Apply the settings

After a brief procedure, you will observe a reduction in disk storage space when you once again open the task manager.

 3. If Windows System Process is at Fault: Ways to Fix High Disk Usage by Windows System

Sometimes, the windows operating system also has a contribution in initiating 100% disk storage error.

In such a case, you should temporarily turn off the Windows operating system using the following steps.

  • Search the Command Line Functionality in Windows operating system and see if it causing 100% disk usage.
  • Open the Command prompt as an Administrator and use the command net.exe stop”windows search”
  • Use this command net. exe to restart the Windows

 How to disable Windows Services Temporarily?

  • Press CTRL+R and Run Utility will be opened.
  • Type services.msc and hit Enter

How to disable Windows Services Temporarily?

  • Now, in the list look for Windows search

How to disable Windows Services Temporarily?

  • Right click on Windows Search Service -> Properties -> General Tab.
  • In the Startup section select Disable from the drop down menu.

How to disable Windows Services Temporarily?

  • Now, click ok, save and continue

 4. If Superfetch is at Fault: Ways to Fix Superfetch High Disk Usage

The function Superfetch is to ensure that the most accessed data can be read from RAM instead of the slow hard disk drive.

Sometimes, there occurs a bug related to data pre-loading which results into high disk usage of Windows machine. You can temporarily disable it by following below mentioned commands.

  • Press Windows+X, Select Command Prompt (Admin)

If Superfetch is at Fault: Ways to Fix Superfetch High Disk Usage

  • This opens, User Account Control prompt, click Yes
  • In the command prompt type net.exe stop superfetch and hit Enter.

If Superfetch is at Fault: Ways to Fix Superfetch High Disk Usage

  • Wait for the error to get resolved.
  • You can run a Disk check too on your computer system by using this command
  • In order to enable Superfetch type net.exe start superfetch at the command prompt.

  5. If StorAHCI.sys Driver is at Fault

Another possible reason why your hard drive is showing 100% disk usage error could be due to a firmware bug in Microsoft AHCI driver called as StorAHCI.sys. Follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

  • Open the Device Manager (Right-click on Start Menu and select Device Manager)

If StorAHCI.sys Driver is at Fault

  • Expand the tab IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Task Manager IDE controller setting

  • Right-Click on Standard SATA AHCI option, select Properties

Task Manager IDE controller properties

  • Under the Driver tab, click the Driver Details.

The following command will appear on the screen C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\storahci.sys and if it is seen it means your operating system is at fault.

Task Manager IDE controller properties driver file details

  • Now, close this window, click on Details tab.
  • Under the Property section Select Device Instance Path

Device instance path

  • Right click and copy whatever is written in the Value section

Device instance path value copy

  • Open the window registry using Windows + R, and type regedit in the Run dialog box
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\ and search for the value which you saw in the value section.
  • Now expand the relevant key from the list
  • This will open the correct AHCI controller
  • Next go to Device Parameters\Interrupt Management\MessageSignaledInterruptProperties
  • On the right-hand section, double-click on MSISupported, in the Value Data section, type 0(zero). This means you are turning of MSI.
  • Click OK. This will save the value.
  • Close Registry and Restart you system.

6. If Adobe Flash Player is at Fault

There was a time when Adobe Flash Player used to dominate the market with its capabilities, but now it is on verge of extinction and hence many vulnerabilities and loopholes have crept in and are also associated with 100% disk usage error.

If you are one among those who is still using Flash player in the system, disable it to check if it is at fault or not.

7. A Deadly Software Installed, Might be a Fault

There are high chances that you may have installed another software that could lead to this problem. You might never know, that the software might be an evil one. In such a case, it is better to scan the operating system using Windows defender.

8 . Reset the Virtual Memory

The term Virtual Memory relates to RAM management in Windows 10 operating system. If the RAM doesn’t have enough memory to process a task, virtual memory is used to store the files in Windows and keeps sending them to the RAM as and when needed.

If you have loaded your computer/laptop with documents and other data then your computer RAM might store the files in virtual memory and keep swapping it when needed. In such a case, it is important to reset Windows 10 virtual memory to resolve high disk usage error.

So, these are the simple methods to resolve 100% disk usage error in Microsoft Windows. They may not be the only solutions, but they could really help you.

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