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Got some serious issues with your Dell laptop? Not sure where to check your Dell laptop’s warranty? Don’t panic. Read this guide to know how to check the Dell laptop warranty in easy ways.

Most of the brand new Dell laptops come with a standard one-year warranty from the exact date of purchase. In one year warranty, your laptop can be repaired or even replaced if you face any hardware issues with your PC. However, you can extend your warranty period up to five years from the original date of purchase.

Well, most of the times, we lose our laptop’s documents somewhere and don’t remember the exact purchase date of our laptop. Thus it becomes hard to find out whether your laptop is covered or not.

How to Check if Dell Laptop Warranty Status?

Checking your Dell laptop’s warranty is quite an easy task. There are different ways you can try out and gather information about your Laptop’s details including the warranty status.

Let’s get started.

1. Visiting the Warranty Page of Dell on Your Browser

This method only works if you have the express service code or service tag on your device. The service code or tag is found on the back of your laptop. Follow the steps mentioned below to know the warranty status online-

  • Open your browser and go to the Warranty page of Dell by entering the following URL:

Visiting the Warranty Page of Dell on Your Browser

  • Enter the service tag code or express service code in the field and hit the Submit button

Done! You can see the warranty status of your Dell PC on the screen.

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2. Use the Support Assist Tool

If the above method didn’t work well for you, you can go to the built-in Support Assist tool on your laptop and check the warranty status. Here’s how-

  • Go to the search bar and type Support Assist and click on it

Note– If you can’t search Support assist tool on your PC, install it from the official Dell’s page.

Use the Support Assist Tool

  • As the Support Assist tool opens up, you’ll see the warranty status of your laptop (to the left-pane) under Express service code.

Great! The warranty expiry date is listed beside the Warranty icon. You can also get your service code here.

3. Call Dell’s Customer Care to check your Warranty Status

If none of the above ways works or if you instantly want your PC’s warranty status, directly call up Dell’s customer care. They’ll ask you to provide your PC’s express service code or service tag and tell your laptop’s warranty status.

No Warranty Coverage? Don’t Worry – There is a solution!

Is your warranty period expired? Want to fix your laptop without spending those heavy servicing charges?

Here we have DSR, for those who don’t know, DSR is Dell System Restore that restores your entire laptop back to how it was when you purchased it. You have to press and hold Ctrl + F11 keys as your PC is booting. Your internal issues are entirely fixed by restoring your PC.

That’s all! You can now quickly check your Dell’s warranty status and check if you can get a free repair or replacement of your Dell laptop. Have any other issues with your Dell PC? Let us know in the comments.

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