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Laptop is one of the great inventions of the modern world. You can carry your laptop anywhere, work and do much more.

But with great convenience comes great responsibilities, as long as the laptops are considered. You need to properly maintain your laptop to keep it running at the best level.

Your laptop takes all the responsibility of providing you with the latest apps and entertainment. It already fights with the bugs and viruses your applications have. And that’s why it’s important to take care of your laptop so that it can serve you even better and longer.

How to Maintain Your Laptop?

I am sure that you are very careful about your laptop’s safety, but there are a few things you might overlook to keep it in top shape. We have listed a few guidelines keep your laptop robust.

1. Remove Any External Devices Connected To Your Laptop While Traveling

If you are traveling anywhere, it may be a flight, bus or a car. Ensure that your laptop is kept in a safe case and also make sure to remove any CDs/DVDs, USB drives and cables.

It avoids any clashes between your PC and the external device. Also while long travels, avoid keeping your laptop in sleep or standby mode and shut it down.

2. Keep your Laptop away from Other Electronic Devices

There are some strong magnetic fields in every electronic device including TVs, Speakers, Cellphones, refrigerators and so on. It can cause harm to your Laptop’s internal as well as hardware stores.

We suggest you keep your Laptop away from them when both the devices are working. Nevertheless, we highly suggest you to avoid keeping your smartphone on the laptop.

3. Keep a Full Back-up

Well sometimes you might face some issues with your laptop’s internal or hardware function, and it might ask you to reset your Laptop. Resetting your laptop removes all the data, settings configuration, pictures and almost everything from your laptop.

As we say “Prevention is better than cure” you must regularly keep a backup of your whole laptop’s data to a secure and a fire-proof software location.There are many third-party tools available to run a full-backup program on your laptop.

4. Avoid overheating your Laptop

Overheating can do much damage to your laptop. You might have noticed that your laptop gets heated quickly; it is because of the never-ending programs we are running on such a small device.

If you’re using AC power, remove your laptops battery and use it.The latest technology lithium batteries have very sensitive, so switch off your laptop for a while if you are continuously using it.Make sure that you don’t cover the ventilation of your laptop with any obstacle.

5. Clean your Laptop

You should clean physical parts of laptop clean and neat to avoid any issues due to overheating or clogging it with dust particles. Make sure that you shut down your laptop before cleaning any part.

It’s time to clean your keyboard if they become sticky. You can do it by using some compressed air to remove all the crumbs out.

You cannot see anything on your screen but only dust? Well time to clean it up too. You have to be careful while cleaning your fragile screen.  Use some cleaning alcohol and micro-fiber cloth to clean it gently.

6. Carry your Laptop in a Good Quality Case

The more advanced technology is growing, the lighter and fragile our laptop has become. Everyone wants to own the latest design laptop with a sleek, attractive outlook.

However, these laptops can be damaged easily due to its lightweight features. Use a cushiony good laptop case to avoid dust, water or even the fear of dropping it down.

7. Turn your Laptop in a Desktop at Home

We all love to use our laptop anywhere roaming in and around the house as it is light-weight and portable. One of the most common reasons for laptop damage is accidentally dropping a hot drink on your laptop.

Avoid using your laptop in the kitchen, play area or even your bathroom as it is hazardous. Without using the portability feature, place your laptop on a table and connect a mouse to it for better performance and use it as a Desktop.

8. Clean up your Hard Drive

Well, this time by cleanup we mean doing a quick cleanup in your hard drive for the finding any corrupt or unwanted files and folders.  You should take some time out in a month and locate your files in the right place.

Also helps you to easily back-up your file on an external device. You can move all the files and applications; you don’t require to the trash.

 9. Update all Your Software

Well, there is much software in your laptop including anti-viruses, in-built apps.

Updating software keeps your laptop data protected and avoids any software issues. It is not possible to update your software as the update is available, but we can update them regularly like on a monthly basis.

10. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Account)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) account routes your Internet connection to secure networks to prevent your data from hackers. It becomes handy when you are browsing some private websites on public networks like airports or hotels. In short, VPN keeps your personal information secured.

Follow these simple, quick tricks and tweaks to use your laptop in top condition without having to spend dollars on a small fix. The better you care for your laptop, the longer it lasts.

Well, let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments.

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