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Can you make a brochure in Google Docs? If yes, how do I make a brochure on Google Docs?

For those who don’t know, Google Docs is a free word processor software where you can create, edit and do more with the word documents online. You can also use Google Docs to create brochures and pamphlets which are a bi- or tri-fold promotional and informational document.

Google Docs becomes handy to make brochures as you can quickly work online and team up with your colleagues to make a brochure. In this post, we’ll discuss the steps for creating a brochure on Google docs.

How to Create a Brochure Using Google Docs?

You can easily set up or create your brochure on Google Docs by either downloading and customizing a brochure template or set up a manual document from scratch. Let’s go through both of these processes, and find the perfect one for you to make bi-fold or tri-fold brochure in Google Docs.

1. Download a Brochure Template

This method is a time saving and a more straightforward process to create a brochure using the template in Google Docs. Here’s how you do it.

  • Go to your web browser and open Google Docs page
  • Enter your Email and Password to log into your Google Docs account
  • In the Google Docs page, hit the TemplateGallery button (to the top-right side)

Download a Brochure Template

Note: if in case you can’t see the templates option in the window, tap on the three vertical lines and click on the Settings option. Further, tick on the “Display recent templates on home screens” icon.

  • Now, scroll down and select the Work option (in the middle of the Template Gallery window)
  • Choose a brochure template (ensure that “Brochure” is written below the template you select)
  • You can replace the holder text in a brochure by simply highlighting it and type the title you want. Similarly, you can replace your brochures template’s image by uploading an image available on your PC
  • Edit and reformat your text font or colors as per your choice
  • Save the brochure document to save. Once a message “All changes saved in Drive” pops up, exit the brochures page
  • Press and hold Ctrl + P keys to open the print window and set your preferred settings and hit the Print button

Google drive now saves your new brochure document automatically, and your brochure is ready. Note that the brochure templates for Google Docs are all in vertical format. If you want to create a bi- or tri-fold document, we suggest you manually setup your brochure.

2. Setup a Manual Brochure Document

This method seems to be a little tricky but works the best for your brochure to be in your desired format and design.  Follow the step-by-step guide listed below to create a brochure using Google Docs.

  • Open Google Docs and go to the File icon
  • Select Page Setup from the drop-down list
  • In the Page Setup menu, switch the page orientation from the Portrait mode to Landscape and change the margins from “1” to “0.25.”

Setup a Manual Brochure Document

  • Click on the OK icon to save and apply the changes
  • Once the setup process is complete, Click Insert (To the top of the page)
  • Choose Table from the drop-down menu

Setup a Manual Brochure Document

  • Create a table by click on the number of boxes that has the number of columns you want to use. A thin, page-wide set of boxes appears in your brochure document

Note:  For example: if you wish to create a three-page brochure, you have to select the third box from the left side (to the top side of the pop-out page)

  • Now, Click and drag down the bottom line of the table to the bottom of your page to resize the table
  • Press and hold Ctrl + A keys to select the entire table and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Click below the table and press Enter to form the second page
  • Once that is done, press Ctrl + V keys to paste the content in the table

Your second page is now the same size as the first on your table. The first page becomes your brochure’s cover and the second contains all the text and images content.

Done! Your document is saved automatically and is all ready for printing.

Designing the Cover for Your New Brochure in Google Docs

Now we know how to make a brochure in Google docs, let us know some advanced features you can apply to get a perfect brochure. Check out the steps below to create your front cover panel and back cover panel and even your internal panel of your brochure.

  • The right-most column on the first page is the front cover of your tri-fold brochure
  • Click on the top of the front cover panel to place the text cursor
  • Here, type a Headline for your brochure and give an attractive title with the special effects you want to apply. Use the Google Docs toolbar to add enhanced effects to the title of your brochure
  • If you like to add an image to your cover, hit the Insert tab and select the Image option. Tap on the Upload from your computer and select the photo you want to add

Setup the Covers

  • You can use the Wrap text option at the bottom of the image you add to add text to wrap around your images

For the Back Cover Panel:

  • The back cover panel of your tri-fold brochure is the middle column of the page
  • Tap on the back cover panel
  • Now, add your personal information content including Contact no, Email and address
  • You can also add a picture to create an appealing brochure by applying the same process as mentioned above

How to Create Internal Panels in Google Docs?

It is evident that the second page is where your internal panel is. It includes all the text content and images of your brochure. Here’s how you create and enhance it:

  • Click on the Internal Panel
  • Type or copy paste the text of the brochure in the text boxes and enter it
  • Make any edits required by highlighting the text and applying your desired effects
  • Insert images with the Insert option and select Image from your PC

All your panels and document are now ready and all set to print. Just click on the File option and click the Print icon to print your document. Your Google Docs saves automatically.

Good Job! Your all-new brochure is setup using Google Docs. You can make a double-sided brochure by using the Double-Sided Printing feature in the Print Preferences option. Let us know which method you preferred in the comments section below.

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