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There are 2.27 billions of Facebook users, and with such a huge user base, Facebook has quite a strict login and sign-up process.

Signing up on Facebook is pretty straightforward, but you need to go through a lot of checks when you forget your password or when the Facebook algorithm flags your login activity as suspicious.

Whatever may be the reason, if you’re having difficulties logging into your Facebook account, this guide is for you.

You are not alone if Facebook is not letting you in. There are many reasons as to why this is happening. Some of the reasons include —

Reasons Why Facebook Won’t Let you Log in?

There are various reasons that Facebook won’t allow you to log-in. It can be due to mismatch of User ID and password or problems with your browser cache and cookies.

Let’s check out some common reasons why you can’t log into Facebook.

  • Incorrect password or User ID
  • Your account might be hacked
  • You have kept the Caps Lock key on
  • Facebook disables your Account
  • Malware concerns
  • Issues with your browser

Now that we know some of the common causes that won’t allow you to log into your Facebook account. Let’s get started to fix them-

1. Select Forgot Your Password

If you’ve forgotten your password and recollect it, click on the “forgot your password” icon. It will ask you to answer a few security questions and send you an email to reset your password.

Select Forgot Your Password

2. Try another Browser

You Facebook might not allow you to log-in if your browser has some temporary issues. You can try to log-in from a different browser and check if it works.

3. Caps Lock

It is one of the most common problems where you keep your Caps Lock key on. Make sure you off and check if you can log in.

4. Cache or Cookies Problems

Try clearing out all your browser cache and cookies from your browser.  Once again try to login to your Facebook account and see if your timeline is on the screen.

5. Contact Facebook Support

If you get any signal that your Facebook account is hacked and being used by someone else, you should immediately contact Facebook support. It will help you with a quick restoration for your Facebook account. Visit the following site to contact Facebook support-

6. Confirm your Identity

For security reasons, Facebook might have disabled your account if they detect any suspicious content on your timeline. You can see a “Confirm Your Identity” page as you try to open Facebook. Follow the instructions on the screen and see if your Facebook is activated

7. Malware Concerns

You cannot log in to your Facebook account if your computer is infected with malware or another such virus. You can fix this issue by trying out these simple steps-

  • Run an antivirus software program to see if it detects any issues on your computer
  • If there is no virus detected by your antivirus, try to add specific websites to your trusted sites. For those who don’t know, Trusted sites are which you authorize your computer access to promise that this site is safe
  • We also suggest you add your trusted sites list to your antivirus software

In case your antivirus detects any malware on your PC, it shows up an error message “Your account is temporarily locked.” You’ll have to click on the Continue button and follow the instructions and work it out and ensure that your PC is now virus-free.

8. To fix login issues in your iPad or Smartphone

You might face issues while logging in to your iPad and smartphone. Here’s how you can fix them-

  • Restart your smartphone or iPad and see if your Facebook issue is resolved
  • Delete the Facebook application and reinstall the latest version from your App store

9. Spotify App Log in issues with Facebook

Many users have reported that they aren’t able to log in to Spotify app with the Facebook credentials. Some of the common issues with Spotify app are-

  • You can see an error message “Spotify has stopped working.”
  • Once you log in to Spotify, a new page of “new to Spotify?” comes up

Follow the steps mentioned below, to fix your Spotify log in issues.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Spotify
  • Select the “I’m new to Spotify. Let’s go” icon and see if your Spotify works
  • Disconnect and reconnect your Spotify account from Facebook with the desktop application (Edit> Preferences > Social Network)

That’s all! You can easily rectify and solve Facebook login issues by trying out the above methods and see which works the best for you. Have any other issues related to Facebook? Drop down your questions in the comments section below.

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