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Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform with over one billion active users. You can connect, chat and communicate with people from all over the world using this social networking site.

Being a widely used social networking site, Facebook is always on top of the list of hackers. Every day hackers attack the Facebook database in a bid to steam users’ information.

Facebook employs very strict security options to keep their users safe. This is why it asks you to keep changing your password regularly so that all your information stays safe and secure.

Now, most of the users usually forget their Facebook password, and when Facebook asks to update the old password after some time, it causes the common Facebook login problems.

So what to do if you’ve forgotten your Facebook password and experiencing issues with login or password reset? Here’s a guide for you.

The most Common Facebook Login Problems and Their Causes:

Many reasons are causing Facebook login problem, but the two main problems are either incorrect password or email address.

Let us see these problems and causes below:

1. Facebook Email address is not valid

At times, when you try to sign up for Facebook through your Google apps account using admin info or service. You are unable to sign up because Facebook doesn’t allow you to sign up with such a generic name.

To fix this issue, you can make Google apps address under your name. For example- [email protected] and then sign up for Facebook.

2. Incorrect Email address or Password

Some typo or spelling mistake can cause the incorrect email or password issue. To fix this problem, you can delete and retype your email address. Also before entering your email or password, ensure that the caps lock key is off.

3. Facebook Page is Not Loading

This problem has become common these days, and it might occur due to the problems with your cookies. To fix this issue, visit the Facebook help section.

As we now know the problems and their causes, let us get to fix Facebook login issues:

Log into your Facebook Account

Most of us have a Facebook account. So go the to get the login page. Ensure that there is no account logged into Facebook on your PC before you enter your email address and password.

How to Reset Facebook Login Password?

Many of us have come across this issue one or the other time where you see the “Incorrect password” error. It might be due to the typing mistake or if you have forgotten your password. You receive a reclamation email to reset your password and log back in

On the Facebook login screen, Click on the “Forgotten account?” option (below the email and password boxes)

How to Reset Facebook Login Password?

You can see a new page with a box called ‘Find your Account.’ Here you can enter your full name or username, phone number and email in the text box. A list of relevant accounts appears. Search for your account and click on ‘This is my account.’

You have options on how you want to reset your password. It can be through the email connected to your Facebook profile or a text message to the linked phone number.

After you follow all the instructions given to you through email or text message, you receive a security code that resets your password.

How to Change and Reset your Password

If you merely want to change your Facebook password and you already know your current password. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Facebook account
  • Go the Settings menu on your Facebook account page

How to Change and Reset your Password

  • Hit on the Security tab and then click on the Change password icon

How to Change and Reset your Password

  • Enter your existent password and then enter your new password
  • Now, Click on Save changes

You can now log in to your Facebook account using your new password.

Also, be aware of Facebook phishing which is increasing at a higher level to grab passwords and emails and create a fake account. To avoid phishing:

  • Always self-enter the URL in the browser and do not use any other website’s login pages
  • Keep your passwords as difficult as possible.

Well done! You have fixed your Facebook login issues and reset your password. Enjoy Facebook surfing and also let us know if you have any other Facebook Login Issues in the comments section below.

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