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One of the best antiviruses – AVAST – has upset its users with the latest upgrade 18.6.2349.

Users have reported that after installing this update, there’s a significant issue with internet programming.

Also, the update is manipulating any Malwarebytes programs when installing on your system.

Sadly, the only solution to fix Avast’s upgrade issues and avoid any conflicts or clashes between these programs is disabling the protection module from either one of them. This fix, however, comes with risks.

How it Affects Internet Connectivity

After installing this upgrade, the Avast antivirus stops you from accessing certain websites. You are not able to browse websites, which eventually ruins your daily work on your computer.

The 18.6.2349 upgrade does allow you to access IP addresses, but still can’t surf several websites on your browser.

So, the users tried disabling the Avast WebShield, a component which protects the users from browsing unwanted sites or scripts. As a result, they were able to browse the Internet as usual.

Mr. Filip Braun, an Avast employee, stated that this issue might have been caused by an unsuccessful update which discarded the old Avast drivers.

The forum Regulars of Avast further recommended the users can perform a clean install of Avast to end this technical woe.

Troubleshooting Issues with Malwarebytes Programs

This week has gone for a toss for the Malwarebytes users as well.

Ever since the upgrade, users are confronting several issues wherein they aren’t able to direct Malwarebytes to scan files, or even open the antivirus software’s dashboard for support tools.

Common issues include the support tool notifying errors and the inadequacy to hold real-time protection when enabled.

Malwarebytes and Avast users have stated that the former software is programming only when the Web Protection component (which shields from browsing unwanted sites) has been disabled.

Likewise, Malwarebytes users also fixed the issue when “Real Site Protection” feature was disabled.

The Avast developer has also stated that issue with these two respective programs is apparently due to the interference of two different web protection modules.

He further implies that Malwarebytes is not executing the UDP filtering with a recommended MS solution.

The trouble doesn’t end here. The Avast forums further revealed that there is another issue.

The Avast users are facing problems after updating to 18.6.2349 even if they are not using the Malwarebytes program on their system.

Mr. Devin Collins, Malwarebytes’ Support Engineer, suggests that disabling Avast’s “Real Site Protection” to MBAM function can solve the problem.

He also implied that Avast is putting in joint efforts with Malwarebytes to fix these outcomes.

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