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If any problem occurs while booting the system, Windows instantly runs into “Automatic Repair Wizard” and solves the problem automatically.

However, sometimes it fails to do so and you have to Refresh or Restart your system. Mostly, you can see an error “Windows 10 reset failed” and develops dreaded messages like:

“There was problem refreshing your PC. No changes were made.”

And if you use the Reset feature, you can see an error message:

“There was a problem resetting your PC (Windows 10)”

Microsoft authorities have agreed that the issue is because of a bug in Windows 10. Here are the following conditions due to which Windows is experiencing this issue:

  • With the help of “Create a recovery drive” feature, you have made a USB recovery drive in your Windows 10 system
  • The system manufacturers have enabled compression to decrease the disk space which is essential for preinstalled applications
  • Your PC is not an upgrade from Windows 8.1 or 7 and is pre-installed with Windows 10
  • You excel the PC to USB recovery drive and choose-Troubleshoot >Reset this PC and Remove everything

Majority of the users are reporting this problem and request for help online. So, here we are with 3 working methods to fix the “There was a problem resetting your PC” error. These solutions are also useful for Windows 8 and 8.1.

1. Use “Command Prompt” To Fix the Dreaded Error

  • Click the Power icon. Hit on the Shift key and click on Restart
  • Now, go to: Troubleshoot> Advanced options > Command Prompt
  • Choose your Administrator account, enter your Password (if any). Further, proceed to click on Continue
  • As the Window Command Prompt opens up, type and hit Enter following each command is given below:

Use “Command Prompt” To Fix the Dreaded Error

cd %windir%\system32\config

ren system system.001

ren software software.001
  • Close the command prompt window. Just click on Continue to boot in your operating system.
  • Now, try to Reset your PC

It is now possible for you to restart your PC with no difficulty.

2. Use “Recovery USB” To Recover Your Computer

Follow these instructions to recover your computer:

  • Insert a USB (16 or 32GB) in your PC

Use “Recovery USB” To Recover Your Computer

  • In the start menu, type recovery drive in the search bar. From the list of results, hit on create a recovery drive. Enter Yes as the User Account Control prompts.

Use “Recovery USB” To Recover Your Computer

  • The Recovering process removes all the present data, files, and apps, so tick on Backup system files to the recovery drive option to back up your data. Click Next
  • Select your USB drive and hit on Next
  • To make a recovery drive, click Create, enter Finish as the process is over
  • Restart your system and enter the specified keys that your PC suggests
  • After Clicking on Recovery from a drive, follow the instructions mentioned on your screen

3. Use “Clean Install Windows” to do a Clean Installation of Windows

If none of the above methods helps you fix the error, the only solution is to do a clean installation of Windows. To do so,

  • Put the Windows installation media device and Start your system
  • Press the Key and boot from the installation device. Now, format the drive
  • Follow the given instructions on the screen and reset your Windows

This solution is useful to fix “There was a Problem Resetting your PC” error from your operating system.

Hope the above methods help you to know how to reset Windows 10 and fix all the errors. Let us know, which method works for you in the comment section below.

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