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So you’re stuck with an issue on your new Windows 10 PC, and wondering how to get help in Windows 10? Even though Windows 10 is the newest and most stable OS (according to Microsoft), many users get confused while operating Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced a whole bunch of new features in Windows 10 and you may initially find it a little bit confusing, especially if you’ve just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. But don’t worry. Whether you just want a guidance with Windows 10 or looking for a technical assistance, getting help with Windows 10 is much easier.

There are several ways you can get help with your Windows 10, and we’ve compiled the best ones below. You can opt for each one of them to get your problem fixed.

How Do I Get Help in Windows 10?

There are many ways to get help in your Windows 10 PC. And, all of them are equally effective. Let’s check all of them one by one.

1. Press the F1 Key to open Help window on Windows 10

This is the easiest way to get help on a Windows computer. Pressing the F1 key on your keyboard throws up a browser window that connects you directly to the online Help & Support Center run by Microsoft.

2. Ask Cortana

Ask Cortana

There’s another simple way of getting help on Windows 10. If you’re facing any issues, you can simply ask Cortana.

For those who don’t know, Cortana is a robotic digital assistant in Windows 10 computer. Developed by Microsoft, Cortana is just a click away from solving your Windows woes.

There’s a box on the left side of Windows taskbar. Click on it to launch Cortana. Then, the digital assistant pops up for you to ask something. Click on the Microphone icon and say your query out loud.

You can use your a working headset microphone or the built-in system microphone to ask questions distinctly.  Cortana uses advanced voice recognition algorithms to process your question. And, within a few moments, it offers you a series of answers.

Likewise, it also provides tips to help get along with your Windows computer smoothly.

3. Type Your Query on Windows 10 Taskbar Search Box

Type Your Query on Windows 10 Taskbar Search Box

In Windows 10, there’s a Search dialog box right next to the Windows Start menu icon. If you’re having trouble finding any particular file or app, you can get help by typing the file name or program name in this box.

Press the Enter key after typing in the Search box. Windows displays the search results and lets you choose which app you want to open.

4. Use the Microsoft Answer Desk Service

Use the Microsoft Answer Desk Service

You can utilize your online connectivity to get help on Windows 10. Microsoft offers the Answer Desk service that offers help online and doesn’t cost you a penny.

You can certainly rely on the help offered by Microsoft Answer Desk service. The support from this service is quick and effective.

5. Run the Windows 10 Get Help App

Run the Windows 10 Get Help App

There’s an inbuilt program in every Windows 10 computer. It is called the Contact Support or Get Help app. It is essentially an app that offers tips to solve common Windows problems.

You can find answers to more complex problems with the Get Help app. It directs you to

To open the app, just type ‘contact support’ on the search box and open the app from the results.

6. Browse Twitter for Tips from @MicrosoftHelps

If your problem borderlines on user-centric issues, you can view the tips offered by Microsoft’s official Help handle on Twitter.

Help tips tweeted by this handle are authentic and are penned by Microsoft Support service.

7. Use the Get Started App

There’s another built-in Windows app designed to help you understand your computer better. The Get Started app helps you learn about Windows 10, and illustrates support with slideshows, detailed instructions, and videos.

To start the ‘Get Started’ app,

  • Type ‘get started’ in the Search box and press the Enter key
  • This opens the Get Started window
  • Navigate to different tabs on the left side

Each tab explains the features in a lucid manner. The app is a great way to get help for basic Windows 10 problems.

8. Call Microsoft Customer Support

You can call Microsoft’s hotline for Customer Support. Dial 1800-642-7676 to get instant help from a team of experts based at your nearest Microsoft center.

You can also log onto to get customer support service at your doorstep.

9. Contact Microsoft Support

Additional information for contacting Microsoft’s Support services is presented below. This will be helpful if you want are living outside of the United States.

For Canada – call (877)568-2495

To get help for Windows in India, call 0008004402130

The Microsoft Support UK number is 0800 026 03 30

10. Lastly, Get Help with Remote Tech Assistance

Sometimes, you may not find Microsoft’s support services helpful. Be it an app or a customer service team, fixing your complicated Windows issues aren’t always easy.

You need to turn to a broader spectrum of expertise. Independent tech support forums and service providers can be the optimum way to solve complex Windows problems.

Here’s a list of experts and best-in-class online tech support services that can help you with your Windows problems –

All in all, the ways presented above are effective for getting help in Windows 10. Make sure you use the most secure options.

Also, try to get your Windows problem fixed with a cost-free solution, before you considering paid tech support.

Let us know in the comments section if you can’t find any good way to find help in the Windows 10 PC. Let us know your problems with Windows 10 PC and we’ll provide you with the best possible solution.

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