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Not sure how to delete cookies in Google Chrome? In this guide, we’ll be discussing some easiest ways to clean cookies from Chrome browser. But before we start, let’s see what cookies are and what they actually do.

Cookies are small text files that are secretly put in your computer system by the websites or web servers. Don’t worry, in most cases, the cookies are completely safe as they’re basically used to improve the website loading speed.

Cookies collect your surfing information and enhance your web browsing experience by pre-loading the website assets. Even though cookies are safe, you need to keep clearing cookies from your browser time to time. Deleting cookies can help you improve privacy and security.

Now that you know what cookies are and why you need to clear cookies, let’s see the step by step process for deleting the cookies in Chrome.

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on Windows PC?

Google Chrome is one of the most elite web browsers in the world. It has excellent features and services, some of the main user-friendly features are- control over browsing data, multiple tabs usage and many more it also includes removing or clearing cookies.

Yes! You can quickly delete cookies in Chrome on Windows any time through the Settings menu in Chrome. Follow the below-listed steps to do so:

  • Launch Google Chrome and got to the “Menu” icon (three-dot in the upper right corner)
  • Now, select Settings. The Settings page opens in a new browser window
  • Click on the Advanced option (end of the settings page)

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on Windows PC?

  • The Settings page expands to introduce some additional options
  • The first window has the “Privacy and security” panel. Here, scroll down and hit on the “Clear browsing data.”

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on Windows PC?

  • You can choose to delete either only the cookies or everything including browsing history
  • Once you are done, hit on the blue “Clear data” icon

Done! You have now successfully cleared cookies in Chrome on your Windows system.

You can also manage the cookies in future by just opening the “Privacy and security” menu and select the “Content settings,” and now, click on “Cookies.” Here you can choose to block any third-party cookies which are stored.

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on iOS?

You can choose to block all cookies, delete existing cookies or set preferences to suit your choices on an iOS device. Clearing Chrome cookies on iOS is a straightforward process all you have to do is:

  • Open Google Chrome web browser and go to the Chrome menu (three horizontal lines)
  • Now, click on the “Settings” menu and Click on the “Cookies” option
  • Tap on the “Clear

All cookies are now deleted in Chrome on your iOS system or device.

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on Android?

For those who use Android, Google Chrome is an inbuilt browser for your device and cookies are the most popular form of online-tracking. However, you can delete and clear these cookies on your Android device by following these easy steps below:

  • Open Google Chrome and once again click on the Chrome menu icon (top right corner)
  • Click on the Settings icon and now, tap on the Advanced Privacy option
  • Click on the “Clear browsing data.”

Now, all the cookies are now cleared from Chrome on your Android device.

How to Clear Specific Website Cookies?

Now we all know how to delete all the cookies in chrome on your Windows, iOS or Android devices. Sometimes you just want to clear individual cookies of a specific website.

It becomes annoying when you visit a particular website, and you see relevant advertisements all over your browser. So, instead of deleting all the cookies, you can delete the specific unusual cookie in chrome. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Chrome and go the Settings menu
  • Click on the Advanced Settings option and go to Content settings
  • Click on “Cookies” and look for all cookies and site data

How to Clear Specific Website Cookies?

Alternatively, you can enter the following link in the address bar

chrome://settings/siteData  and hit Enter

You can now scroll through the stored cookies and select the specific site cookie you want to clear and delete it.

We also suggest you delete cookies in Chrome for the following benefits:

  • Delete cookies from Chrome if you have issues with security and privacy. Especially do this when you are browsing on a public computer.
  • Although it is a myth that cookies help your browser to make it work faster, a huge number of cookies can easily slower the potential of your browser’s total performance. So immediately clear all the cookies which are causing your browser to perform slowly.
  • Sometimes cookies may not allow you to access latest or updated websites optimally in your browser. Hence, you can delete it and try to browse again.

Great! Now you can avoid those prompting advertisements popping up all over your Chrome screen. Let us know if this post was helpful to you. Also, feel free to drop down your doubts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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