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Zamzar is a great tool for your file conversion needs. You can get your files converted across a wide range of formats, without downloading any software or tool. It is an online file converter that’s free and easy to use.

Here’s a complete review on Zamzar, the online free file converter. Find out why the online tool is so popular and how its various features cover up for a few downsides

What is Zamzar?

Zamzar is an online tool that can easily convert your files to any format. You can bookmark the website and start your file conversion right away.

Zamzar supports the conversion of more than a 1,000 different file formats. While the tool is free to use, you can get exclusive features by signing up with paid monthly subscription plans.

How to Use Zamzar

When you open the Zamzar web application on your browser, the webpage displays fours steps to carry out your file conversion.

How to Use Zamzar

  • Step 1 –upload the file(s) from your PC or enter the source URL
  • Step 2 – select the format for conversion
  • Step 3 – feed in your email address to get the converted files
  • Step 4 – view Zamzar’s terms of service and click on Convert

After uploading the file, Zamzar acts as a web host and saves it for file conversion. It converts the file into the selected file format. A saved copy of the converted file is sent to you on your personal email ID. Now, you can download the converted file from your email’s inbox.

Zamzar – Pros & Cons

Anyone can use Zamzar, it is a simple web application that converts file without the need to install a tool or software. You can convert your audio from flash files to MP3 and other popular formats. You can finalize a text document and convert it to PDF files for effortless viewing.

Zamzar is a comprehensive tool, but the basic version only runs on some limited features. You can’t customize the file conversion beyond Zamzar’s data conversion parameters.

                             Pros                                  Cons
It’s trial version is free to use, and paid versions are also quite affordable There’s no clarity on its intellectual rights claim on the converted material
Takes less than $25 per month for businesses  with bulk file conversion needs Privacy concerns, confidentiality of the converted files could be at risk
Supports almost all file conversions Sometimes corrupts or reformats the file in some file conversions
Easy to use
Spam and adware-free
Offers a simple API for developers
Helps you store and manage the converted files

On the whole, you can make great use of Zamzar for converting your video files, audio files, documents and images.

Why Use Zamzar for Online File Conversion

File conversion is something that you have to carry out in one way or another. Generally, you convert files when you are unable to run them on your computer’s app. Zamzar takes care of such incompatibility issues.

Zamzar helps you encode files in different formats, so your programs can open it easily. It is best used to convert media files into popular formats such as MP4, MP3, WAV, etc. That way, specific applications can run your files and won’t become a speed bump for your work.

Popular file conversions on Zamzar –

Is Zamzar free?

The online platform is a free file converter. But, you can use the preferential features by signing up for paid monthly subscriptions. You can check out the details of Zamzar’s Basic, Pro and Business plans for selecting the best-suitable service pack.

Is Zamzar Safe?

Zamzar is a safe file converter to some extent. Since you don’t need to download any software, Zamzar doesn’t put you much at the risk of malware attacks or adware spam. Your converted files, however, could get corrupted in some instances.

When I tried retrieving a converted video file from the email, it had been corrupted. I also got the File Download expired error while opening the converted file.

Thankfully, you can troubleshoot Zamzar’s file conversion issues in two ways. First, make sure you’re using the specific and compatible software to open the converted files. Then, recheck if the original file wasn’t corrupted in the first place. And if nothing helps you out, then you can report your issues with the converted file by contacting Zamzar’s helpdesk.

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