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We all have a great collection of gaming systems which includes all the aspects and devices related to your gaming collection.

Some of the best gaming systems are: Play Station 2, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, Xbox 360, Super NES Classic and some of the retro consoles are: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600 and many more.

These gaming consoles are pointless if their controllers or any device connected are not functioning correctly. We usually don’t care about the game console systems while they entertain us for hours.

You can enjoy and use your gaming system smoothly in the long term by maintaining your games, consoles, CDs, and controller in top condition.

Gaming system works for hours, and especially game systems such as PS3 and Xbox 360 produces a lot of heat which is not suitable for your electronic device.

In this article, we have mentioned some simple tips on storing and maintaining your gaming system.

Before we get to know few tips to store and maintain our gaming systems, let’s know few features of the gaming consoles:

  • Games are composed to function with the console hardware
  • All the video games are plug-and-play
  • The Driver compatibility issues are rare
  • Most of the consoles allow multiplayer gaming.

Let us start with some general practices which you should follow regardless of any your gaming system is.

1. Keep Your Gaming System on a Proper Location

Keep your console at room temperature and avoid placing the high-power gaming system in an enclosed area. Allow heat to move away from your game system by keeping it in a place which allows maximum airflow.  Also, don’t expose your gaming system to direct sunlight or any source of intense heat as it may damage your gaming system components.

The best location to store your consoles is in a well-ventilated area. It can be a TV stand with an open back or open sides to keep your gaming system cool and dry.

2. Keep Your Gaming System Dust Free

Keep your Gaming system clean, as dust is a deadly enemy of electronics. Clean your gaming systems every once in a while. Make sure that you don’t use compressed air to blow out the dust as it may cause software problems.

With said that you shouldn’t use water or any liquid to clean your gaming system.

Instead, use a small handheld vacuum to remove any dirt out or use an anti-static duster to unclog your gaming system.

A handheld console attracts dust very, so we suggest you buy a carry-case to stop any dirt gathering.  Most importantly, unplug all the connected cables before cleaning your gaming system.

3. Organizing wire arrangements

We all have been messy regarding wire placements resulting the wires to become knotted. Your game consoles are just a piece of hardware without these cables.

We generally fold up our wires to keep them intact. However, folding these wires damages the cables, and the inner mechanism gets frayed.

We suggest you keep your cables tangle free and store it in a cardboard box and store your consoles in the original box to protect the hardware. Clean the cable ends with an anti-static duster to keep those connections free of dirt.

4. Protect Your Game Cartridges

The game discs pull dirt and show fingerprints readily. Avoid touching the surface of the disc. To clean these gaming disks, you can use an alcohol-based cleaner and scratch-free cloth and wipe over the surface of the disc and the pins of a ROM.

You can invest in a carry-case to keep all your games stacked together and dust-free. It also helps you to relish your favorite games for a long term.

5. Maintain your Gaming Controllers

To play your favorite game consoles, you need your controllers in good working condition. The controller’s button or joystick eventually breaks easily so, don’t throw your controllers aside when finishing with your game.

A little effort keeps your controllers last longer.

You can clean your controllers with the help of an air compressor to blow out any dust inclining in your controllers. We also face a significant problem when your cords get frayed as they break out on the join.

These frayed cords can be dangerous too, so we suggest you to throw them away.

However, you can take precautions by wrapping a pen spring or strengthen the cables to avoid any breakage.

These were few simple steps you can follow to increase the lifespan and functionality of your gaming systems.

In addition to this, you can also abide by the following tips to keep your gaming system elite:

  • Keep your console away from any magnetic forces
  • Avoid playing the console for too long as it may cause overheating
  • Keep the box in which the system, as it is a handy way to use them while transporting the system
  • Don’t panic if you see any errors and check your error messages and work on it.

So, if you are video game lover, don’t forget to follow the above tips to keep your gaming experience excellent and also drop in your tips and suggestions or any queries related to this article.

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