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There could be times when the Firewall of your Windows 10/8/7 may not work as it’s supposed it. It could be a case of a malware infecting the Windows Firewall.

There is a strong chance that the malware has changed the firewall settings to breach security. Your system won’t certainly be at an optimum protection if the Windows Firewall settings are configured by a malware.

Even without malware, your computer is at risk if the Windows Firewall settings have been manually configured by you.

In any case, you will have to restore the Windows Firewall settings to default.

Reset Windows Firewall Settings to Default in 3 Simple Steps

The key advantage of restoring Windows Firewall settings to default is preventing the computer from hackers and malicious software.

Default settings in Windows Firewall ensure no malware or hacker gains access to your computer when connected to a network or the Internet.

Windows Firewall can further stop your computer from sending malware to other systems when it is set to default. Resetting the Windows 10 Firewall settings to default is a simple task.

Step #1: Open ‘Windows Firewall’ from Control Panel

To restore Windows Firewall default settings,

Windows 10 control panel

  • Click on Control Panel from Windows Start menu
  • Select the ‘System and Security’ applet
  • Click on the ‘Windows Firewall’ link
  • Windows Firewall window is displayed

Step #2: Click on ‘Restore Defaults’ on Side Panel

The window for Windows Firewall offers multiple actions,

  • On the side panel, you will find a link to ‘Restore Defaults
  • This link exhibits an icon for being protected by System Admin security
  • If you are guest-logged in or using a new user account, you may need permission from your system administrator to open this link

Windows 10 firewall

Step #3: Select & Reconfirm to Restore Firewall Settings

Click on the link to open the Restore Defaults window,

  • Click on the ‘Restore Defaults’ tab being displayed in the window
  • Your computer will ask you to reconfirm this action since the configured Firewall settings will be ineffective after restoring default settings
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm

In this way, your Windows 10 Firewall settings have been restored to the default values and security parameters.

Why Restore Windows 10 Firewall Settings to Default?

To keep the system protected at all times, developers at Microsoft Corporation have effectively designed the Windows Firewall.

The default settings in Windows Firewall apply specific adjustments and rules to the firewall functions.

When your Windows Firewall is set to default, it offers multiple security benefits.

  • A global default traffic handling security policy blocks unsolicited incoming traffic thoroughly
  • All computer network connections are enforced to protect the system during administrator and user sessions
  • Default settings of Windows Firewall offer users boot time security, which is an additional layer of protection for computer hard drives

You can consider keeping your Windows Firewall settings to default at all times. These default actions will ensure your system’s protection, even if you don’t configure them for any exceptions.

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