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What is 503 error in Reddit? What does it mean when you see error codes like 503, 405, 403 or 504 on Reddit?

Reddit is a trendy social sharing website where you can get the best of the internet on one page. It offers you the latest gossip, breaking news, pictures, memes, entertainment and a lot more on this single platform.

Reddit has over 234 million active users and 542 million monthly users. Here, users can send their news links or pictures and the users can vote as it’s the home to thousands of communities.

However, many users are reporting specific error issues like the 504, 503 error in Reddit.

Reddit Error 503, 504, 405, 403 Explained

All of these errors hold similar nature and bugs but have some differences in the details. These details can go unnoticed therefore check out each error’s details below-

1. Reddit Error Code 503 and 504

We have combined the definition of these errors as they have very similar properties and the differences are thoroughly technical.

Well, 503 and 504 errors are one of the standard errors you’ll get to see while using Reddit. The error message states- “all of our servers are busy right now. It becomes annoying to see such an error message on a great website like Reddit.

You’ll have to keep trying a couple of times to fix this common error issue.

2. Reddit Error 403

The 403 error occurs when you’re trying to post in a subreddit for a different reason. The error message says “forbidden” for trying to do so. It means that you’re banned!

3. Reddit Error 405

405 is another error occurring when you are trying to post some content on a page. In this error, you’re not able to post anything, but you still have access to visit the site.

These are the standard errors users are facing while trying to access content on Reddit. These errors or outages might lead the user to lose access to Reddit and its content.

How to Fix Reddit Error 503, 504, 405 and 403?

There are specific solutions that can help you fix these error issues. Before getting to the elaborated solutions, try out these general fixes mentioned below. Let’s get started-

1. Access Reddit in a Different browser

Many times you get the error 503 while using Reddit due to some issues with your web browser. You can restore your access to Reddit by opening it in a different web browser.

Make sure that you’re using a different browser which doesn’t give you the 503 error. Now once you’ve open Reddit in a different browser, check if you still receive the error message

2. Reinstall the Reddit Application

This solution is for all the users who receive the 503 error code in the Reddit app on their smartphone.

You can fix the error by uninstalling and reinstalling the Reddit app on your device. You can uninstall it by right-clicking on the app’s icon and select Uninstall.

Later you can reinstall it from the Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

3. Wait for the Problem to be fixed

At times, you’re getting the error 503 because of some issues like the site’s overloaded traffic.

The page becomes quite overwhelming with the increasing number of content on your page. All you can do is keep patience and wait for the page to load automatically or press the f5 key to refresh and load the page.

Well, some of these general fixes have helped the users to fix these error issues while using Reddit. However, we have mentioned solutions to specific errors. Check them out-

4. Solution to Fix 503 and 504 error

As discussed above, 503 and 504 errors have identical codes. These error codes occur due to overloaded traffic on the website.

It also means that there is no particular solution to solve 503 and 504 error. All you can do is try to reload the page or refresh your browser.

5. Solution to Fix Reddit 403 Error

As discussed in the previous segment, the 403 error in Reddit says that you’re banned from posting in subreddit. It can’t be considered as more of an error as they might have been banned you if you tried to post inappropriate content. If this is the case, then you can’t help it.

If that’s not the case, try to contact the moderator directly as they might have done it unknowingly.

There is an auto-ban feature also which can enable some subreddits. That means you are banned automatically from the other subreddit if you post anything in a subreddit deemed offensive.  Many users aren’t aware of this feature.

Investigate and see if the subreddit has it. This feature is available in the description.

6. Fix 405 Error on Reddit

The 405 error in Reddit mainly occurs in Firefox and Safari browsers for unknown reasons. So, to get rid of this error message, we suggest you use Chrome. Once you open Reddit on Chrome, you won’t receive the 405 error code while using Reddit. This fix has somehow worked for many users to get rid of the 405 error code.

These are some of the most common errors in the Reddit website and their best fixes. The sad truth about Reddit error is that there is no particular reason for it, nor a fix.  The only issue is that the site is viral and hence, overloaded.

Reddit has noticed the reports and has somewhat done a fair job to fix these error codes. If nothing from the above solutions works for you, we recommend you to keep your device away for an hour and then again try to visit the page.

Now you know it all about the Reddit error codes 503, 405, 403, 504, etc.

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