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Windows 10 Calculator is a Universal Windows Platform app that comes with several advanced features including numerical base conversions, radian, degree, logarithms, operator precedence and so on.

Now, if you’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and not sure where to find calculator in Windows 10, this guide is for you. In this post, we’ve detailed five easy methods to launch Windows 10 calculator.

Opening calculator in Windows 10 is a pretty straightforward task. You can open calculator multiple times and switch between them to suit your preferences. However, the question comes “where is a calculator in my Windows 10 PC?”

Windows 10 introduces a decent, touch-friendly calculator for the desktop. You can simply type calculator in the search bar and get started to work on it. However, if the search or Cortana is not working or you’re facing any issues with this method, go through the workarounds mentioned below to open your calculator.

How to open Windows 10 Calculator?

If you are a regular calculator user and find it annoying for you to search and open it every time, these quick tricks will work the best for you. You can even create a shortcut and bring it on the desktop. Let’s check out how.

1. Open Calculator through Run

To open Run dialog box, press and hold Windows + R keys. Then type calc and press Enter. Your calculator window pops up. You can repeat this method to open another calculator window.

Open Calculator through Run

 2. Create a Desktop Shortcut

1) Right-click on any empty space on the desktop and from the drop-down menu, select New and choose Shortcut.

2) In the new Shortcut window, enter the following line:


Create a Desktop Shortcut

Give a title for your new calculator shortcut and hit the Finish button. It becomes handy to use a calculator with this method on your Desktop screen itself.

3. Create a Keyboard Shortcut

Before we get to this method, ensure that you have already made a desktop shortcut for your calculator. If you haven’t, follow the above method and get back here.

1)    Once you have your desktop shortcut ready, right-click on it and choose Properties.

2)    A small window of Properties opens up. Here, click on the Shortcut tab and tap on the text box next to Shortcut key and press the “C” key

3)    The all-new shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C for Calculator is all set

Create a Keyboard Shortcut

4)    Hit the Apply and OK button to save the changes

You can press and hold Ctrl + Alt + C keys to launch Calculator in Windows 10.

4. Open Calculator Through Start Menu

As discussed above, this is a popular and most convenient method. All you need to do is- hit the Start button (to the bottom-left corner) and click on Calculator under the “C” section of “All apps.”

5. Use Cortana Search to open Calculator

Go to the Cortana Search section and click on it. In the search text box, type calc and hit the Calculator icon from the results list to open it. If you are a frequent Calculator user, we suggest you pin it to the taskbar or the start screen by right-clicking on it.

Well done!  You can now easily deal with massive numbers calculation on your Windows 10 which comes with advanced features including Memory to save all your equations in Memory list or even Switch Modes according to your choice.

Have any other issues with your Windows 10 Calculator? Let us know in the comments section below.

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